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Make Your Own Luck
Published: 2019-3-18
Make Your Own LuckSome people have an inexplicable amount of good luck Even during tough times they re successful in their careers finances and their personal lives without seemingly having to overcome the adversities that plague most of us They don t appear to be smarter or more talented but they do seem to be blessed with some force of nature that consistently produces good fortune There are some obvious measures of luck such as winning a lottery or being born into royalty but for most img src http static wixstatic com media 7e89e0f6940746fca65fb00de5119be1 jpg v1 fill w 547 2Ch 363 7e89e0f6940746fca65fb00de5119be1 jpg
Today s The Day Write That Blog
Published: 2019-3-11
Don t keep putting if off Write that blog Don t know what to write Consider these ideas to get your creative juices flowing 1 What are the top questions you get asked about your products or services 2 Is there anything notable happening in your field about which you can comment 3 Do you have an interesting case history to share 4 Can you spotlight one of your employees 5 Can you provide top tips and techniques that can educate and help your readers You ll find that once you get into the img src http static wixstatic com media c74c32c344c44f35b871382c99feabe4 jpg
WOW Your Audience or Else
Published: 2019-3-05
Isn t this the truth We spend inordinate amounts of time prospecting and trying to win new clients yet significantly less time nurturing and WOWING these same clients in order to retain and grow their business It s an endless cycle for many businesses You prospect like crazy and win some new business and then before too long the honeymoon is over and the cycle starts all over again Prospect win lose Prospect win lose It s costly time consuming and will ultimately undermine your img src http static wixstatic com media af125906a6e59a5c69576aadc4cb6679 jpg
Finding The Time To Write
Published: 2019-2-25
Many people ask me how they can find the time to do their writing especially if they are entrepreneurs that are tasked with doing most everything else in their business For the business people that find writing a less-than-pleasant task the ability to find the time and energy to create their content is even more problematic I understand and as a person that juggles a slew of business commitments each day I feel your pain Here are some of the things that I do that seem to work for me and img src http static wixstatic com media ecf0032afd8c45c29584a0439869b05a jpg
How To Get The Best From Your Writer
Published: 2019-2-18
For many people outsourcing their content can be extremely stressful evoking lots of fear and concerns including Will the writer be able to capture my voice What happens if the writer doesn t deliver my work on time What if I hate what they wrote Is it really worth it to have someone write my stuff Let me put your mind at ease Here are suggestions on how you can get the very best work from your writer s Be specific about the tone of the article While your writer can probably capture img src http static wixstatic com media 64af7c2f596c479fb3ff973a8f17610f jpg
Frozen and Not In The Disney Way
Published: 2019-2-11
Confession - I m a writer and sometimes I m frozen The ideas don t come the words sound stilted and even worse there seems to be nothing I can do to improve the result of my efforts While I haven t been able to totally eliminate my instances of being frozen I have been able to come up with three things that help me break through the ice Maybe they can work for you as well Take a break Sitting at the computer for hour upon endless hour will do nothing to overcome your writer s block img src http static wixstatic com media 29ef39a071a646e09e38b018ff91acaf jpeg
Content Is King Or Not
Published: 2019-2-04
The quote content is king is from an essay Microsoft founder Bill Gates wrote in 1996 In it he describes the future of the Internet as a marketplace for content I m guessing he knows a thing or two The future is of course now Content whether it s a blog an article a white paper etc is an essential element of the way you market your company and yourself for 3 reasons 1 It puts you and your unique viewpoint prominently in the marketplace 2 It shines a light on your compelling img src http static wixstatic com media f8520da7634a43529a9d004ebe4b5023 jpg
Love It Or Hate It Social Media Is Here To Stay
Published: 2019-1-28
For many entrepreneurs social media is the bane of their existence while for others it s a digital cocktail party that they quite enjoy Personal opinions aside social media is here to stay and you can t ignore the power and impact that it can wield Depending on your specific type of business you may find that Facebook is your go-to platform yet for others LinkedIn is where they will find their clients and prospects Instagram and Pinterest are perfect for those that have a strong visual img src http static wixstatic com media 448edfe9f8b649eaa2bc276e1856c661 jpg
I Play Favorites
Published: 2019-1-21
Okay I admit it I play favorites I never did such a thing when I was a Mom of young children Back then I was quick to point out that I had no favorites and loved both of my boys equally but times and circumstances have changed and I am no longer referring to my flesh and blood but to clients for whom I write content And yes I have favorites That doesn t mean that I let any of my clients fall to the wayside or that I don t try my hardest to provide an exceptional work product for img src http static wixstatic com media 8f82ce 3690ef8d2fa64a1cbeb2e8782d3de628 7Emv2 jpg
Sales And Marketing Marketing And Sales
Published: 2019-1-14
Your blog your thought leadership every piece of copy you produce has 2 objectives One is marketing to generate awareness and interest and to put a halo over your head that indicates you stand out from the crowd The second is sales While you might not get a lead every time you publish you publish because it contributes to your sales effort Marketing gives customers and potential customers the reason to engage with you in a sales context The thing about publishing is that it s img src http static wixstatic com media 0ba5583727e04a07a2b0920b3359f2c0 jpg
Of Great Value To Bloggers Everywhere
Published: 2019-1-07
The Clues to a Great Story TED Podcast Here s good advice for all bloggers from filmmaker Andrew Stanton s TED talk about storytelling Andrew s stories include the very popular Toy Story and Wall-E TED posts a new podcast every week at www TED com img src http img youtube com vi KxDwieKpawg mqdefault jpg
The Art Of The Soft Sell
Published: 2018-12-31
When you come across the phrase the art of the soft sell you might focus your attention on the word soft You might not even do this consciously many salespeople don t And based on this unconscious focusing you may lead yourself to believe that the difference between conventional selling and soft selling is well that you just do the latter softer That is that you do what you ve always done but you say please a bit more or you say it s really up to you I m not here to pressure you img src http static wixstatic com media 1b5a0e3108cc9057c096036a2e6e7cac jpg
Happy Holidays
Published: 2018-12-25
Diwali Greetings Happy Hanukah Merry Christmas Happy Kwanzaa and a Very Happy New Year to Everyone We ve enjoyed blogging through 2018 and hope to see you again in a happy healthy peaceful prosperous new year img src http static wixstatic com media 6121f11839984fa4b88a0baa1fc84711 jpg
Luck Is Not A Strategy
Published: 2018-12-17
The following five step approach is a surefire way to help build your business And LUCK has nothing to do with it Start with a sales planTake the time to define your sales objectives and the stepping stones required to achieve them Develop your targetsBreak down your resolution of increasing profitability into smaller more attainable sales targets Refine marketing materialsReview existing collateral and make the necessary changes to ensure that each piece is promoting your product or service img src http static wixstatic com media d8b1a6aa64c642e28d9c2b13665868be jpg
It s Tough Out There
Published: 2018-12-10
Making an impression getting your word out finding and engaging prospects gets tougher every day It seems that there are fewer and fewer outlets and each forum gets noisier and more crowded Which gives you 2 choices give up or play the game just a little bit better than everyone else If it s the former it s 5 o clock somewhere Assuming the latter one of the endeavors you should seriously consider is blogging for two very important reasons 1 Writing forces you to go beyond first level img src http static wixstatic com media d83bd3c21df94d5286771b9bc07e8541 jpg
Why You Want A Blog
Published: 2018-12-01
There are lots of good reasons to jump into blogging and some not so good ones too Wanting to get new clients is a great goal but getting them through blogging at least in the short term is a stretch Unfortunately for many of the people that come to us for blogging that is their main and sometimes only objective When we explain that client acquisition just might not happen and if it does it will probably take a good amount of time they are disappointed Some still hire us some don t img src http static wixstatic com media 8f82ce 853198af4a174daaad6c268a925b2147 7Emv2 jpg
I m Calling BS
Published: 2018-11-14
I don t mean to be aggressive or hostile in any way but I must ask you how long have you been thinking about doing a newsletter or blog or getting involved in some sort of meaningful way on social media Days Weeks Months or even longer I have many clients that spent many months and in some cases more than a few years thinking about starting a newsletter I also have a few that started writing and three issues in they let it lapse citing the amount of time it took to write the articles and get img src http static wixstatic com media 8b0f4572c34045f98b1897f88502cc52 jpg
What To Do When You Don t Know What To Write
Published: 2018-11-07
Every content developer knows that at one point or another the ideas and words just won t flow You set the stage so that everything is perfect with distractions to a minimum devices turned off and still nothing You can t get in the groove and what once seemed like a pleasant enough task is now foreboding I ve been there more than once and believe me you ll get through this and you ll do so before the deadline for your newsletter or blog has come and gone Here are some suggestions on how to img src http static wixstatic com media 7bb7301c72084292bb2d62c4797ef6ee jpg
Sometimes You Need More Than Words to Sell
Published: 2018-10-25
Regardless of how proficient you are at creating content you also need sales skills in order to ultimately bring your product or service to market For many individuals the very act of selling makes them uncomfortable and so they hide behind email blogging and other types of marketing strategies to build their business Unfortunately content can t do it alone Business development is a process and if you deploy exquisite marketing and marry it to an exceptional sales strategy and img src http static wixstatic com media 20371a167944413589d6dc0e902cd367 jpeg
Content Content And More Content
Published: 2018-10-22
As a writer I must admit that I am more than a little bit happy that these days there is so much emphasis on content Do a blog they say create a newsletter see if you can get some articles up on Medium www medium com It s content all the time do it and you will get business I m here to tell you that it isn t so Do the content and you will gain visibility and recognition both wonderful in their own right but not the complete story because let s face it visibility doesn t pay the img src http static wixstatic com media 8f82ce 74a7e6774ca14b3fbec765241e692366 7Emv2 png
What Is Your True Competitive Differentiator
Published: 2018-10-11
As you look at the marketplace what really distinguishes you from the rest of the bunch If it s price you ve got a big problem because cornflakes compete on the basis of price It means that you win if you are the lowest cost provider and are faced with unrelenting pressure to reduce your price further so let s put this aside Is it your product Honestly no one cares about your product There are a gazillion out there that look and do exactly what yours does and come in different colors img src http static wixstatic com media ba1c1c32c7294a0a87d2aca16c24d507 jpg
I Don t Know What To Write About
Published: 2018-10-03
Lots of times people contact me and say that they re connecting because they don t know what to write about Since their minds are totally blank they feel confident that I ll be able to come up with something The fact is I usually can but here s how you can come up with something too Think about the top three questions you get asked pick one and make that the subject of your article A how to article can be very effective I m sure you have top tips and techniques on whatever it is that img src http static wixstatic com media 88e47c3e63684d1c91a4de7a8f82e9c8 jpg
Hanging In Starbucks Thinking I Should Write A Blog
Published: 2018-9-26
Are you the type of person that can do their writing in Starbucks or some other equally noisy location Can you pretty much ignore everything and lose yourself in whatever it is you re writing Yep I m that person Maybe it comes from having had kids and pulling off extraordinary feats of concentration at the same time the tykes were shouting running and creating overall mayhem Or maybe it s because writing is my way of escaping from the cacophony surrounding me a blessed escape to be img src http static wixstatic com media dd05d0656f538af5bde6118c5e3edfed jpg
Writing Is A Labor Of Love
Published: 2018-9-19
Do you love writing Are you passionate about putting words to paper Can you write without complaining about writing Not everyone loves writing And truthfully some people who do are not particularly skilled at it while others may even grumble about having to write anything at all Like all other art forms writing requires practice to perfect It takes effort to improve and even with great effort over time there will always be an opportunity to improve Some people prefer not to write because img src http static wixstatic com media 434ae2bb64be4e25928b05b91ad818fc jpg v1 fill w 546 2Ch 364 434ae2bb64be4e25928b05b91ad818fc jpg
Delegate Or Die
Published: 2018-9-12
Delegate verb To commit powers functions etc to anotherThe truth is delegating is difficult Many solopreneurs and owners of small business have a strong bootstrap mentality We ve become used to simply doing it ourselves and the it can be most everything Taking care of correspondence and scheduling Check Creating Power Point presentations and marketing materials Check Maintaining social media Check And on it goes We do it all Remember Sesame Street and I Can Do It Myself img src http static wixstatic com media a1a5c46effc243fba60aac7493349d62 jpg
It s Not A Book
Published: 2018-9-05
Most of the time when I tell people that I write content for a living they look at me like I was some sort of miraculous creature possessed with unimaginable skills They ask me when I find the time to write knowing that I have another business how I get my ideas and how I find the focus and concentration to do the writing They re incredulous when I respond quite simply there s always time to write a blog or newsletter shaking their heads as if I proclaimed that my day consists of 28 hours img src http static wixstatic com media 35303efe4ef046afac780ccd44124c47 jpg
Typos Count
Published: 2018-8-29
Let s face it humans make mistakes We are imperfect creatures Try as we might to be infallible we are simply somewhat tragically incapable that mode of existence Those superlatives are reserved for divinities and babies and even those two groups are not universally adored for their perfection So we re left with the undeniable truth that humans do in fact make mistakes Our flaws are no more obvious than when we put pen to paper Despite the current era of 10-second sound bites img src http static wixstatic com media 861126684b6849dcbb78014503487633 jpg
When You re Asked To Lie
Published: 2018-8-28
The other day a client gave me a writing assignment and when we were discussing the content I began to get the idea that perhaps they weren t being truthful in what they wanted to be written We continued to speak for a little more and I felt that I had no choice but to bring my concerns to their attention I chose my words carefully and spoke them in what I hoped was a professional and non-accusatory tone of voice Imagine my surprise when they readily agreed and admitted to fudging the img src http static wixstatic com media f1f4ee0090a541ffb13d5ca415956608 jpg
Writing Makes Me Happy
Published: 2018-8-21
When I tell people that writing makes me happy they look at me in amazement They question my sanity and when I continue to profess my pleasure at sitting down at the computer to do some writing they drop their astonishment and simply accuse me of lying But it s the truth I really enjoy writing No lie Writing calms my brain and forces me to follow some sort of logic flow to better express my thoughts I m communicating with my readers but doing so in silence and for a consultant and img src http static wixstatic com media 0ee7f316bfe44495a9a1b3b53719df24 jpg
Ten Things To Consider When Hiring A Content Developer
Published: 2018-8-07
Are you tired of writing your own blogs and newsletters How about wasting time creating your brochure while instead you should be doing all of the mission-critical things necessary to run and grow your company You re not alone and the good news is that you have options and perhaps the best and most accessible one is to outsource your content development needs It sounds pretty straightforward doesn t it and it can be just as long as you take the following things into consideration 1 Have you img src http static wixstatic com media 201bfe848d50a49cbd7b933ea62f1650 jpg
My Words Are Your Words
Published: 2018-7-31
Many people feel incredibly conflicted about hiring someone to write their content They are absolutely certain that the writing won t sound like them and people will immediately discern that someone else wrote their brochure marketing materials web site---well you get the idea It s a very valid concern but let me dispel any of your negativity right now anyone that you hire to write your material should be able to capture your voice and under no circumstances will your content sound like img src http static wixstatic com media 3c47de3626a6419a8a49b3505ff42d43 jpg
It s Not A Book
Published: 2018-7-22
Most of the time when I tell people that I write content for a living they look at me like I was some sort of miraculous creature possessed with unimaginable skills They ask me when I find the time to write knowing that I have another business how I get my ideas and how I find the focus and concentration to do the writing They re incredulous when I respond quite simply there s always time to write a blog or newsletter shaking their heads as if I proclaimed that my day consists of 28 hours img src http static wixstatic com media 97deff6b0f60436a8fd780252ebd9651 jpg
Help I Hate The Article
Published: 2018-7-17
It can happen you know Despite everyone s best efforts and the work that was done to ensure the best end result the final content is not what you want Perhaps the tone is wrong or it doesn t seem to really make sense regardless there s no way you are going to distribute or post this blog or newsletter What should you do Here are a few steps that can help you to avoid this most unfortunate situation or at the very least correct what has already transpired Take enough time to prep the writer img src http static wixstatic com media 8f82ce bd8f8d43e2924f8282d00107b86e59c1 7Emv2 png
Copywriting Is Easy
Published: 2018-7-10
Copywriting is easy You just put your fingers on the keyboard and look at the screen until little drops of blood appear on your forehead Ouch You don t ever want it to get to that point where even thinking about the next blog post opens the Solitaire app on your phone It may not be the biggest thing in your life or business but it is certainly important in attracting and engaging customers prospects and customers It is critical in developing your competitive differentiation When you begin img src http static wixstatic com media c8614b1fd20943efbaef426f09a7eada jpg
OK I ve Started A Blog Now What Do I Write About
Published: 2018-6-19
Usually the first few blog posts are easy You ve been thinking about this a long time you have headlines in your head and perhaps you ve made notes Once you finish these you begin the real work of writing What matters most in selecting your topics is your potential reader Try to look at things through their eyes What are the issues they are most concerned about What are small issues and which are vexing Which are in your wheelhouse The trick is how in the blog can you clarify img src http static wixstatic com media 49bb31da696663c9b2efb8fb7ee9e9e5 jpg
What If You Don t Have My Voice
Published: 2018-6-12
Many people are very concerned that the person doing the writing for them won t have their voice and hence the blog will sound as if someone else has written it Let me assure that it isn t really a big problem Most professional content developers are extremely conscious of trying to write the content in the client s voice putting aside their own style and personality and if they re good they re able to do that quite well As an extra precaution many content developers myself included will img src http static wixstatic com media af125906a6e59a5c69576aadc4cb6679 jpg
Sometimes I Don t Feel Like Writing Either
Published: 2018-6-02
Confession - I write for a living and sometimes I don t feel like writing either There are times when my brain feels sluggish the ideas come slowly and the words don t seem to flow at all Facing my monitor with my hands on the keyboard and the silence is deafening But write I must because like I said this is how I earn a living My clients hire me to take this burden off their shoulders They might not have the ideas or words but surely I do So yes my confession sometimes I don t have the img src http static wixstatic com media 8f82ce 97dc05df48e5445ca503bcf5a8729344 7Emv2 d 4870 3655 s 4 2 jpg
Shall We Dance
Published: 2018-5-14
Clearly there is magic in dance Partners become a team and the team is clearly more than its parts My wife and I decided to take ballroom dancing lessons with another couple Lisa and Randy All of us adore the music The first thing I learned was that all this does not come naturally to me The next thing I learned is that when my wife danced with the instructor or when I danced with the instructor the steps became more logical and more fluid I could actually hear and respond to the img src http img youtube com vi QgVPnWmUqd4 mqdefault jpg
Use Your Words
Published: 2018-5-07
When my kids were little I often told them to use their words What I meant was for them to Stop crying and tell me what they wanted Stop raging and be more specific about their problem Be more descriptive and clarify the situation for me Stop cursing and come up with good descriptive words to describe their angstI haven t told anyone to use their words in a very long time but that doesn t mean that the thought doesn t cross my mind and most specifically when I encounter Situations in img src http static wixstatic com media 69a3b50b52364760a3f976de92a803d1 jpg
Editing Your Blog
Published: 2018-4-26
Another way of looking at the editing process is to consider it the smell checker do this to find out what stinks It s a completely necessary step to make sure your blog is intelligent and understandable Avoid it at your peril I m going to suggest 2 steps First use your tools Look under the Tools menu and you re likely to find at the very least the ability to check spelling and grammar This is very basic If you misspell or have obvious grammatical errors you undermine your img src http static wixstatic com media 3d7e6616283f418fb99ea47badc35b79 jpg
The Early Bird Gets The Worm And Also Does Their Best Writing
Published: 2018-4-10
Creepy cliches aside I m the proverbial lark I get up early a smile on my face and need not the trilling of the alarm The morning routine can either soothe or infuriate me depending on what damage my cat has done in the middle of the night but once the coffee has been downed and the paper read or to be more honest skimmed I m good to go The morning energy and light the idea that it s a brand new day awash with possibilities always gets my juices going The blog newsletter or sales letter img src http static wixstatic com media 35cc8ddc4b144be3999a03913acd58d9 jpg
So You Send Out A Newsletter Now What
Published: 2018-4-10
Sending out an interesting and informational newsletter is a great way to stay in front of your clients prospects and networking referral sources and the better the content the more recognition and respect you ll receive for your expertise and knowledge And that s great BUT that s not all You must follow-up in order to get the maximum ROI from your newsletter endeavors Most of the newsletter services like Constant Contact and Mail Chimp offer insightful reports so that you can assess how img src http static wixstatic com media b2f7ef303bfa46ffa607186d757eb73f jpg
I Bet You Put Your Own Writing Last
Published: 2018-4-07
It s interesting Many of the people for whom we write newsletters articles and blogs are really excellent writers and have the skills to do the own writing Some of them have tried for years to maintain their blog and newsletter and everything works well for a month or two until such time as they get busy with their real work when taking the time to write falls by the wayside We understand and happily there is a solution and it s a simple one at that outsource your content development Most img src http static wixstatic com media d83a82cdc9ce4c839fdee728bc3fd2f9 jpeg
Writing A Blog Or Newsletter Is NOT Public Relations
Published: 2018-3-05
This is a shout out to all of the PR professionals that toil each day interfacing with the media and helping their clients to get coverage Fact we don t do that While we at Wordsworkcopywriting are entirely capable of writing a press release we don t have media connections and contacts that can be put to work on your behalf Our skills lie in the following areas Creating compelling content customized for your business that will interest and engage the audience that will read your content img src http static wixstatic com media af125906a6e59a5c69576aadc4cb6679 jpg
I Can Do It Myself
Published: 2018-3-02
If you re a parent or spend any time around kids you might hear a common refrain I can do it myself The phrase either evokes a feeling of glee I m glad I don t have to get down on the floor and help them find their shoes or abject dismay I know this is going to take much longer than I wanted In either case there is little you can do about it especially with kids that are strong-willed and determined and in many cases you just simply hold off until they ask you for some assistance This img src http static wixstatic com media 08327269a53a4f3086602a15c0e6b362 jpg v1 fill w 547 2Ch 364 08327269a53a4f3086602a15c0e6b362 jpg
Can You Write This For Me It ll Only Take A Few Minutes
Published: 2018-2-26
Can you feel my pain I ve been asked this question so many times by people that know I do content development for a living that I ve lost count It s not that they re trying to get away with not paying a fee well maybe not but I do believe it is mostly because they really do think that if you like to write and can do it reasonably well then it makes sense that whatever they want you to write should take a minute or two The fact is that you can t write much of anything in a minute or two img src http static wixstatic com media 23c6ed3f5e614c09b28a14d774acf206 jpg v1 fill w 547 2Ch 357 23c6ed3f5e614c09b28a14d774acf206 jpg
Why You Need A Good Sales Letter
Published: 2018-2-19
As a business owner I receive plenty of marketing and sales solicitations some of which catch my attention immediately and others that get tossed or deleted after a quick glance at the messaging Whether your marketing materials are basic or elaborate a good sales letter is essential to your business prospecting endeavors It s not all that easy to craft a good sales letter I know I ve written hundreds of them and each one takes time and energy until I feel that it is just right and img src http static wixstatic com media 19e2289055a84574b06eb6567ba2a4d5 jpg
There Are Topics Everywhere
Published: 2018-2-12
I do a significant amount of writing and while I might occasionally find myself in a bind while trying to express a thought or momentarily confused about the correct use of a specific word there is one thing that I never find troublesome and that is coming up with topics to write about It s never an issue and in fact I often have enough topics for weeks or months to come Here are some tips on how you can do the same 1 Be very attentive to the questions asked by clients and prospects and if a img src http static wixstatic com media 5efd91ceb2334b4aa63e177d144f4168 jpg v1 fill w 547 2Ch 364 5efd91ceb2334b4aa63e177d144f4168 jpg
Everyone Is A Copywriter No
Published: 2018-2-07
Recently I was listening to an interview with Willie Nelson one of the greatest songwriters ever The interview was taking place on his tour bus He said that early in his musical career he was invited to join Ray Price s touring band as a bass player The interviewer said but you re a guitar player Can you also play bass Willie said can t everyone Everyone on the bus including the interviewer laughed The answer as Willie and Ray soon found out was no Similarly can t everyone write img src http static wixstatic com media 8f82ce 37b5bec9d06d4389936b3e0f699475d8 7Emv2 jpeg v1 fill w 508 2Ch 337 8f82ce 37b5bec9d06d4389936b3e0f699475d8 7Emv2 jpeg
Adrian Miller Sales Training
Published: 2018-1-25
img src http img youtube com vi iQQcEkv1r4E mqdefault jpg