War In Heaven

The Great Blasphemy
Published: 2016-3-27
8220 All great truths begin as blasphemies 8221 160 160 160 George Bernard Did you not hear Have you not been told What was it in the testimony of Jesus Christ that the apostle Paul persecuted before he was the apostle For what exactly did the Sanhedrin pronounce judgment on our Lord that he himself supposedly 8230 Continue reading The Great Blasphemy
Published: 2016-1-07
this is the way the world begins this is the way the world begins the eye can have its fill of seeing the ear can have its fill of hearing after which you notice nothing after which time steals everything do you not hear now the sound the entire horizon is opening the waters rushing 8230 Continue reading forward
Christmas Angel
Published: 2015-12-20
Merry Christmas
Blade Runner Blues
Published: 2015-12-07
In my book Memoirs from the War in Heaven I have a chapter trying to put some evidence as to why you might want to believe me when I say the wild things I say I basically call myself a prophet in the line of Philip K Dick and rely on the one very precise 8230 Continue reading Blade Runner Blues
Angel Of Grief
Published: 2015-11-16
by William Wetmore Story Vive la France