This Entrepreneurial Life

Pay Attention To Your Intuition
Published: 2017-3-17
Being an entrepreneur may present conflicting and confusing road signs Second guessing is not a good idea so I fully advocate sitting with the possibilities before making a strategic choice I ve had to do this
Linkedin It s Not Just Another Social Media Site
Published: 2017-3-17
If your business involves you connecting with others do yourself a favor- get a LinkedIn account Some people will ask me why should I get on LinkedIn isn t it like Facebook My answer is NO
Does A Healthy LifeStyle Feel Elusive
Published: 2017-3-16
Beginning the year with good intentions is admirable and most of us do Given that 85 of us have ditched them by midway through the first month of the year it s logical that there s more
The Mirror Test
Published: 2017-3-14
One of the foundational arguments in psychology is the notion of nature genetics vs nurture experience when it comes to a person s emotional and mental development Each camp has compelling evidence to support their theories
The GPS Guide For Social Media Business Use
Published: 2017-3-07
Social media 8230 like it or not it is here to stay It is estimated that the number of worldwide social media users reached almost two billion in 2016 and is expected to grow to two and
Getting Started The 3-Ds Of Solopreneurship
Published: 2017-3-06
Several months ago I left a secure nine to five job in professional services to strike out on my own as a business development writer and make more time for my creative work I was
Entrepreneur To Be Or Not To Be
Published: 2017-2-24
You are comfortable in your full-time role working a somewhat normal work week and things are just fine But something deep inside is telling you there is another unexplored option you want to take a
Cash Is King
Published: 2017-2-22
8220 How little you know about the age you live in if you think that honey is sweeter than cash in hand 8221 Ovid 43 BC 8211 17 AD What was true 2 000 years ago is even
One Of The Main Reasons Why I Do What I Do I Like Representing Entrepreneurs
Published: 2017-2-21
I feel a kindred spirit with entrepreneurs and am compelled to help them navigate the often turbulent waters in the legal landscape of business a k a business disputes I left the world of BigLaw at larger
Adaptability Vs Perceived Safety
Published: 2017-2-19
Is it time to take a hard look at career assumptions If a fortnightly pay cheque and the promise of job security are very real measures of safety then why do so many of us