The Conscious Consultant With Sam Liebowitz

Balance Brings Peace While Harmony Brings Us Flow
Published: 2020-1-15
There is a tendency to think that we need balance That we should balance every aspect of our lives Not going too far one way or another Yet life doesn 8217 t work like that Balance is rarely seen Yet there is a better way to live And it is about harmony not balance When we are 8230
You Are Not Broken And You Don t Need To Be Fixed Just Drop The Story
Published: 2020-1-13
Sometimes we find there is a nagging feeling that we have That itch underneath that we have to do something To change something about ourselves As if we need to be fixed There is that seminar to go to There is another course to take There is another book to read And then we fall 8230
Surprises Are Not Good Or Bad They Are Merely An Unknown
Published: 2020-1-10
Surprises happen all the time The unknown pops up at the most unexpected times How we perceive the surprise is important Do we see it as something good something bad or just a thing We often see people who do not like surprises If we look at why it often comes down to fear Fear 8230
Loss Is Not Loss It Is The Fear The Unknown To Come
Published: 2020-1-08
We all experience loss It may be loss of a family member Or the loss of a career Or loss of a relationship We all deal with that loss differently We mourn We get angry We get depressed Why Why do we even view it as a loss Is it the end of our existence 8230
True Connection Is About Presence First With Ourselves Then With Others
Published: 2020-1-06
Connection is not just about mutual interests Although that 8217 s a part of it Connection is not just about common beliefs Although that 8217 s a part of it Connection is not just about shared experiences Although that 8217 s a part of it Connection involves a deeper more primal bonding Does the other person feel safe to us Can he 8230
When We Admit When We Are Lost We Find We Are Not Alone
Published: 2020-1-03
I don 8217 t know what to do 8230 These are seven very difficult words for us to say It doesn 8217 t feel safe to admit it It is vulnerable and scary to be in that place We 8217 re expected to know what to do People depend on us and depend on us knowing what to do We feel we 8230
Turning Our Inner Critic Into An Inner Cheerleader Is The Alchemy Of The Mind
Published: 2020-1-01
We are often our own worst critic Because we know ourselves so well we see all the warts We focus on our mistakes and our failures And this does not serve us What if we were more gentle with ourselves What if we were more forgiving and kind to ourselves What would happen How would 8230
When We Open Up To Possibilities We Can See The Magic Of Life
Published: 2019-12-30
Sometimes we crave to see magic in our lives We want that something special to show up Something we can 8217 t explain And at the same time we are skeptical We have a hard time believing We feel that magic just doesn 8217 t happen to us Yet for magic to show up in our lives we need 8230
We Are The Bridge From Our Past To Our Future
Published: 2019-12-27
From the Past to the Future there is a space It is a space of creation A space of possibility It is the space of the present moment And we are the bridge For all the things that have happened in our past We are the bridge to the future For all the dreams and 8230
Our Happiness Is A Gift We Give Ourselves
Published: 2019-12-25
What do we really desire more than anything What is it that drives us to do incredible feats To travel the world To climb mountains To help a friend in the middle of the night What is it that motivates us to do things that are out of our comfort zone It may seem trite 8230