The Conscious Consultant With Sam Liebowitz

When We See The World Through The Eyes Of Love We Stop All Blame
Published: 2020-4-01
It is so easy to get into the habit of blaming others We make their actions the reason we are upset If they just had not done what they did we would feel better Or if they had just acted the way we wanted them to it would all be okay We keep putting our 8230
The Most Important Label Is The One We Call Ourselves
Published: 2020-3-30
People call us all kinds of names Father Mother Son Daughter Boss Employee Friend etc We are always labeled by those around us Yet who we are has nothing to do with the label Labels are useful and they help us identify things quickly When we place too much importance on labels they can mislead 8230
All Relationships Are Merely A Reflection Of The Relationship With Ourselves
Published: 2020-3-27
We spend a lot of time on our relationships We work hard to make them work Yet there is one relationship we often forget about That is the relationship with ourselves We often feel that if someone breaks up with us there is something wrong with us If our parents don 8217 t agree with us we 8230
The Truth Can Shake Us To The Core While It Liberates Us From Our Past
Published: 2020-3-25
There are times in our lives when we are confronted with a truth An uncomfortable truth about ourselves A truth that we have been avoiding Or perhaps a truth that we never knew was there It is not that we didn 8217 t want to know the truth It is not that we were running from the 8230
Our Wounds Are Our Excuse To Hide In Plain Sight
Published: 2020-3-23
We have a tendency to hold on to our pain We have had it so long we don 8217 t remember what it is like to not have it It feels scary to let it go And then there is the benefit of holding on to our pain For when we hold on to our pain we 8230
Facing Death May Be Our Great Tool To Help Us Be More Present
Published: 2020-3-20
Our most powerful fear is normally our fear of death It keeps us up at night It brings all our regrets forward And it can be our most useful ally When we use our fear of death as a motivating factor it can remind us what is most important in life It 8217 s permanence makes us 8230
When We Express Ourselves With Gentleness Our Words Are Easier To Hear
Published: 2020-3-18
Everyone has an opinion on something From politics to climate change And we express that opinion in many ways With our words and our actions What is most important though is the emotion behind the expression Is it filled with anger Or is it filled with love Is it filled with aggression Or is it 8230
Life Is Rarely The Extremes Of Black White It Is A Rich Canvas Of Many Shades Of Grey
Published: 2020-3-16
It is easy to look at things in absolute terms It 8217 s either black or white Good or bad Light or dark Yet in real life things are rarely so extreme Our relationships our experiences they are all made up of a wide variety of shades of grey Human being are so complex They are almost 8230
To See The Magic That Is All Around Us We Have To Be Open To It
Published: 2020-3-13
Sometimes we wonder why we don 8217 t see magic We don 8217 t understand why other people have amazing stories and we don 8217 t We question what that quality is that we need to see wonders It comes down to one simple attribute That of being open Of being open to the possibilities that exist That maybe we don 8217 t 8230
When We Take Responsibility For Our Part We Can Change Our Life
Published: 2020-3-11
There is one magical key for changing our life There is one ingredient that we have to include to evolve It is not about a secret practice or ritual It is simply this we have to take responsibility We have to take responsibility for our part in life We have to take responsibility for how we 8230