The Conscious Consultant With Sam Liebowitz

To Love The Light And The Dark Is To Love The Light And The Dark Within Us
Published: 2019-9-20
Sometimes we think we 8217 re just supposed to love the things that are light We think that if something or someone is negative we need to distance ourselves We feel that oneness is about being one with everything that pure and positive If we do that we are missing the point Oneness is not selective It 8230
Anger Is A Powerful Force That Can Serve Us Or Destroy Us
Published: 2019-9-19
We all have anger We all find different ways to deal with our anger Some of them help us some of them don 8217 t The most important thing is to recognize how we hold our anger For sometimes we appear to not be very angry We can seem calm and relaxed Yet underneath there is a 8230
Our Strongest Moments Happens When We Are Most Vulnerable
Published: 2019-9-18
Connection is something we all long for Even with our own family Even with our own community Yet connection only happens when there is vulnerability Are we vulnerable enough to tell our friend that we are going through a rough time Are we vulnerable enough to tell our brother or sister about the trauma we 8230
Standing Up For Ourselves Is Showing Life We Are Worth It
Published: 2019-9-17
Standing up for ourselves is not usually easy We often fear how the other person will react Sometimes we don 8217 t even feel we should stand up for ourselves Yet our greatest growth happens when we do To stand up for ourselves does not mean we have to be aggressive or forceful Nor do we have 8230
Evolution Is A Conscious Choice One We Can Make Every Day
Published: 2019-9-16
How we evolve is not about our environment It is not about our genetics It is not about nature It is about the stories we tell ourselves and the internal work we do We evolve when we are in pain and find a way to accept it We evolve when we face our shadow and 8230
Loving All That Arises Within Us Is The Fastest Path To Peace
Published: 2019-9-13
In life we often get upset at how we feel We think we should be happy and joyful all the time That we must break out of our patterns instantly Yet there is much to learn from being present to our feelings There is great information to be found in examining why we feel what 8230
I Don t Know Are The Three Most Powerful Words For Our Growth
Published: 2019-9-12
Whenever we start to learn something new it is hard to forget what we already know We have accumulated so much knowledge over our lifetime that it is hard to see things that are new Or to see them from a different perspective At these times I don 8217 t know can be very powerful words indeed 8230
We Withdraw When We Hurt Yet That Is When We Need Others The Most
Published: 2019-9-11
It can be easy for us to withdraw when we 8217 re not feeling good To stop calling or contacting our friends and family To feel that we have to go through our pain by ourselves When we do that we do a great disservice to ourselves We are social creatures We thrive when we are in 8230
To Get Past The Need To Know We Must Cultivate Trust
Published: 2019-9-10
There are so many things we feel we need to know We need to know our purpose life We need to know who our soul mate is We need to know what happens when we die All of these needs are not really needs at all Many of us live perfectly happy lives without knowing 8230
Learning To Be Lost And Be Okay Is Learning To Trust Deeply
Published: 2019-9-09
It is difficult to be in a place where we don 8217 t know what to do Where there are either no choices or too many choices Where we are in something so unfamiliar everything is confusing So the only thing we can do is sit with it We bide our time and wait for clarity It 8217 s 8230