The Conscious Consultant With Sam Liebowitz

When We Can Not Go Outside It Is Time To Go Inward
Published: 2020-9-15
Connection is something we all want To be connected to our friends our family Or maybe just being connected to our community and our neighbors In these times many people are finding it harder to truly connect to others With the physical distance we maintain and the lack of travel it 8230
Healing Is Not About The Absence Of Pain It Is About Expanding Our Capacity To Hold It
Published: 2020-9-08
Healing is not about getting rid of pain It is not about learning to live with constant pain And it is certainly not about avoiding pain Healing is about something much more profound True healing is about increasing our capacity to be okay with pain We can never fully avoid 8230
Growth And Transformation Happen Over The Course Of A Journey
Published: 2020-9-01
Growth does not always happen when we are looking Looking at our progress Looking at our surroundings Growth tends to happen when we do not even notice Like a seed planted in the ground We water it We fertilize it And we take care of it all the 8230
Let Us Not Wait To Tell Someone How They Have Touched Our Life
Published: 2020-8-25
We all touch people 8217 s lives We do it in so many ways With our voice our actions and our presence Yet we often have no idea how much we affect people while we live It is so interesting how we learn so much abut a people when they are gone 8230
We Are Far More Alike And Connected Than We Are Different And Separate
Published: 2020-8-18
There is a dangerous idea that has been around a long time It is one that causes so much pain and agony And it is a complete lie Yet so many of us believe it Because we have been brought up to believe it It is the idea that we 8230
Developing Trust In Life Is About Acceptance
Published: 2020-8-11
Trust is not an easy thing to cultivate We try to trust that things will work out Sometimes they do and sometimes they don 8217 t So what exactly are we trusting in Are we trusting that everything will go the way we want Or are we trusting that things will ultimately 8230
To Die Well Is Greatly Undervalued In Today s World
Published: 2020-8-04
Most people know how to live well We know what we love to do and where we want to go We know how to work hard and play harder Yet there is one aspect of life that we don 8217 t know how to do well We don 8217 t know how to die well 8230
Sometimes It Is Okay To Wait To Process Our Pain
Published: 2020-7-28
We do not always have to deal with everything right away Sometimes we just don 8217 t have the space or the time We have responsibilities and duties to take care of right now And that is okay It is okay to hold back those tears It is okay to not to 8230
We All Stand At A Moment In History
Published: 2020-7-21
So many things are changing right now It can be hard to keep up with it all From small steps to big upheavals we have not seen this much change in close to 50 years Right now we are standing in a moment in time that divides the past and the future 8230
What Would Our Ancestors Say If They Could See Us Now
Published: 2020-7-14
We tend to think that progress is always good We improve upon the past to build something better And the world is constantly changing because of it Yet our perspective is usually very limited We see things from a narrow perspective It is often helpful to widen that perspective to 8230