The Conscious Consultant With Sam Liebowitz

Our Struggle Is Our Opportunity To Practice Our Wisdom
Published: 2020-2-21
It is quite common to get upset at the challenges we face We become annoyed or upset that we are still struggling Yet these very struggles are a great opportunity They are our opportunity to grow They are our chance to put into practice all the things we have learned They are our gift to 8230
Magic Happens When We Leave Room In Our Lives For The Unexpected
Published: 2020-2-19
Things don 8217 t always go by the plan We think we will do one thing today and then it changes And what we end up doing is so much better Being flexible with our time is about being flexible with ourselves Do we get stuck in our plans sometimes Of course Can we change and learn 8230
Being In Nature Is The Most Potent Medicine There Is
Published: 2020-2-17
There is an important medicine that we take for granted It is something we can take everyday It is something that is essential for our health It is a very special medicine indeed This powerful medicine is known as Nature Being in Nature connecting with Nature taking care of Nature is so valuable There is 8230
Taking A Break Is Not Optional It Is Necessary To Renew And Restore Our Energy
Published: 2020-2-14
Do you know when it is time for you to take a break How long do you wait Is it something that is low on your priority list Why is that Isn 8217 t it curious how for so many of us taking a break does not seem so important We push ourselves and run ourselves into 8230
Relationships Are Not About The Other It Is About Being Fully Who We Are Together
Published: 2020-2-12
In relationships there is a tendency to focus on the external We focus on the other person We focus on what is happening around us Yet the real treasure is what is going on inside of us What are we feeling in the moment What are we experiencing in the moment How do we feel 8230
The Antidote For The Need To Control Is In Acceptance And Surrender
Published: 2020-2-10
We all sometimes feel like we need to control things Whether it is around a specific situation or just in general Yet the need to control is not really about controlling the things in our life Ultimately it is about fear It is about the fear of what could happen The fear of being out 8230
Life Is A Dance Between Many Energies And How We Decide To Dance Them
Published: 2020-2-07
There are many ways in which we dance with ourselves We dance with how we show up in the world We dance with our energy and our focus And we dance with all of our different sides We dance with our internal Feminine and Masculine We dance with our Presence and with Invitation We dance 8230
Surrender Is Not About Giving Up It Is About Allowing Life To Lead Us
Published: 2020-2-05
Surrender is not about giving up It is not about giving in It is not about quitting It is about allowing life to be our guide It is about listening to the whispers of the universe It is about giving up control and expectation When we surrender we release resistance When we surrender we stop 8230
Presence Requires Effort Yet The Results Will Amaze You
Published: 2020-2-03
Being present with someone is not always easy Many times it can take a lot of energy Especially when we live in such a distracting world Yet the gifts of being present are tremendous When we are present we see more We hear more We feel more We know more Yet so frequently we are 8230
When We Recognize Ourselves For Our Progress We Don t Need Another s Praise
Published: 2020-1-31
8220 That 8217 s nice but you can do better 8221 How often do we hear words that don 8217 t really acknowledge us The person thinks they are being supportive They think they are helping us to do better Yet that lack of true recognition only brings us down It is not so uncommon that we feel we 8217 ve something good 8230