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My New Diabetes Case A Give Away And Cool Savings All In One Post
Published: 2018-3-05
160 I have been given this product as part of a product review Although the product was a gift all opinions in this review remain my own and the company in no way influenced me My new cool case 160 A few days ago I received a diabetes supplies carrying case from SugarMedical I want 8230 The post My new diabetes case a give away and cool savings all in one post appeared first on RA Diabetes
Pickles Are Important
Published: 2018-1-16
I received my pickle over 60 years ago I have had it all my life Shortly after others saw my pickle it was shaved and after that my pickle pretty much just grew along with me At times my pickle seemed to have a mind of its own It seemed like it wanted to explore 8230 The post Pickles are important appeared first on RA Diabetes
That Purse Doesn t Match Your Shoes
Published: 2017-12-14
160 I did not think I really heard it quite right but yeah there it was My purse did does not match my shoes The comment came from a passing man in a church we were visiting to get our pictures taken It was received as I believe it was meant by the sender What 8230 The post That purse doesn t match your shoes appeared first on RA Diabetes
My Moment Of Then
Published: 2017-12-06
160 My moment of then occurred 6 182 days ago on January 21 2001 Because that was shortly after receiving my first biologic medication for RA It was a Sunday and when I woke up I felt truly free for the first time in years I went skipping around the house and shouting I m free I m 8230 The post My Moment of Then appeared first on RA Diabetes
Great Blogs I Have Read This Week
Published: 2017-9-30
160 Today is the final prompt of RABlog week 2017 Today I am responding to the prompt Great Blogs I have read this week Great Blogs I have read this week RABlog week is at its heart a way for bloggers to connect Tell others about the great blogs you have read over the 8230 The post Great Blogs I have read this week appeared first on RA Diabetes
DAY 4 RABlog Week Are Hobbies Healthy Well Maybe
Published: 2017-9-28
160 This is day four of RABlog week Today 8217 s post is all about hobbies We are more than RA Here is a look at my hobbies Responding to the prompt Hobbies Hobbies are healthy or maybe they are not What is your hobby and how does it help you with your autoimmune conditions If 8230 The post DAY 4 RABlog week 8211 Are Hobbies healthy Well maybe appeared first on RA Diabetes
Wildcard Number 2 New Doctors
Published: 2017-9-27
160 I am participating in RABlog week Today I chose wildcard number 2 for my prompt New doctors Ideas for breaking in new doctors how to begin the process of establishing viable collaborative patient doctor relationships What do you do in those days leading up to the new doctor visit Best way to break in 8230 The post Wildcard number 2 8211 New Doctors appeared first on RA Diabetes
Wildcard 1 Day 2 Of 2017 RABlog Week
Published: 2017-9-25
160 Overlap Discuss the medical conditions that overlap and sometimes mask or make the symptoms of autoimmune conditions worse I took this wildcard because I am often asked about the overlap of Type 1 Diabetes and RA I am also asked which is worse So with my site named RADiabetes I thought lets be 8230 The post Wildcard 1 8211 Day 2 of 2017 RABlog week appeared first on RA Diabetes
Day 1 Of 2017 RABlog Week
Published: 2017-9-24
Today is the first day of 2017 RABlog Week Each day bloggers will be given a prompt and many writers in the RA community will be blogging about that prompt Today 8217 s prompt is Mental Health How do you manage to maintain your mental health while dealing with autoimmune disease Discuss how dealing with RA 8230 The post Day 1 of 2017 RABlog week appeared first on RA Diabetes
2017 RABlog Week Prompt Survey
Published: 2017-8-25
160 We have a badge for RABlog week 2017 The badge at the left was selected in our recent poll by a small margin We had 49 votes cast this year and of those 21 selected the winning design The next highest vote went to badge number 4 which received 14 votes and the other 8230 The post 2017 RABlog week prompt survey appeared first on RA Diabetes