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Arthritis And Medicare How Are You Covered
Published: 2019-5-23
Today I am presenting a post from a friend of mine Danielle Kunkle Roberts who works with a company 8216 Boomer Benefits 8216 that helps Medicare recipients choose supplemental and Medigap plans I asked Danielle if she would write a primer for my site on how Medicare works and helps us understand how we can maximize benefits 8230 The post Arthritis and Medicare How are you covered appeared first on RADiabetes
Seven Ways To Improve Injections
Published: 2019-4-09
Many RA medications come in the form of self-injectables Over the last 18 years I have heard many people complain that they cannot learn to give themselves injections or if they can it is always difficult to do so I never had this issue but then again I have been injecting myself since June 18 8230 The post Seven Ways to Improve Injections appeared first on RADiabetes
Up The Down Staircase
Published: 2019-3-28
I celebrated an anniversary in November 2018 A minor one for most people but for me it was a big deal That was the sixth anniversary of using my current biologic medication Seven years ago things were a mess How did I come to be on my current biologic for RA In 2012 I was 8230 The post Up the Down Staircase appeared first on RADiabetes
RA The Invader
Published: 2019-3-04
160 I read a lot of WWII books and magazines I inherited the fascination from my father who showed me hour after hour of a program on Saturday afternoons Victory at Sea If you are over the age of 60 you likely remember the program and if not it was about great naval battles of 8230 The post RA the Invader appeared first on RADiabetes
New Medical ID And A Coupon Code
Published: 2019-2-26
160 New Year medical ID For years I have worn medical ID jewelry In 1974 when I was diagnosed with diabetes and on my second day in the hospital my parents brought me a bracelet with the label Type 1 Diabetes It was one of the things I disliked the most about those days I 8230 The post New Medical ID and A Coupon Code appeared first on RADiabetes
Consolidating Spoons
Published: 2019-2-16
I quit I did not say it like that But the meaning was there For five years I have served on the school board of a local charter school Last evening I resigned effective July 1 2019 I believe in the mission of the school it is a place where kids in public schools find 8230 The post Consolidating Spoons appeared first on RADiabetes
I Am Not Pitiful
Published: 2019-2-08
This past week a friend asked about my health 160 They were sincere in wanting to know how I was doing and I gave them the capsule overview 160 That is when my friend paused and commented about how he felt bad for those with crippling arthritis 160 Then he said in an off-handed way he thought those of 8230 The post I Am Not Pitiful appeared first on RADiabetes
Great Cake With A Big Give Away
Published: 2018-11-04
I have been given products from Sans Sucre in exchange for a review All opinions are my own and are in no way influenced by the company providing the items Affiliate links are included in this post 160 Sans Sucre sugar-free in French manufactures products that have limited or no sugar added and they are 8230 The post Great cake with a big give away appeared first on RADiabetes
Mary Jane And Pain
Published: 2018-9-28
160 160 This is my fifth and final blog of RDBlog week which runs from September 24 2018 to September 28 2018 Today the prompt is 160 411 on Pain Marijuana is being touted as a drug that can cure everything from skin rashes to heart disease Have you tried Marijuana for your Rheumatic 8230 The post Mary Jane and Pain appeared first on RADiabetes
Research Lurch
Published: 2018-9-27
160 This is my fourth blog of RDBlog week which runs from September 24 2018 to September 28 2018 Today the prompt is Research Do you incorporate research into your disease management If you do explain how and what difference it has made If not discuss why not Help us understand any barriers you 8230 The post Research Lurch appeared first on RADiabetes