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My Insulin Pump Is How Old
Published: 2017-3-13
Wait my insulin pump is how old Has it been five years already I thought I had another year before it was time to obtain a new pump I was wrong In January I made an inquiry to Medtronic about my warranty and sure enough my warranty was due to expire on January 23 2017 8230 The post My Insulin Pump is How Old appeared first on RA Diabetes
I Am A Prick When I Am Low
Published: 2017-2-22
I have been many things husband father coworker and patient I am also a person with type 1 diabetes I have lived with type 1 for 42 years and I have to admit I am at least one more thing I can be a prick when I am low It s true I acknowledge it Of 8230 The post I am a prick when I am low appeared first on RA Diabetes
Valentines Day Letter To Sheryl February 14 2017
Published: 2017-2-14
160 Dear Sheryl When I saw you for the first time sitting in the 4th row of that US government class 43 years ago you were the most beautiful woman I had ever seen Today when I see you I am still captivated One would think that after 39 years of marriage I would know 8230 The post Valentines Day Letter to Sheryl February 14 2017 appeared first on RA Diabetes
Remembering Mary Tyler Moore
Published: 2017-2-03
I took over a week to write this blog because of the passing of my friend Rose Schonberger Shosh I actually almost had it competed when I heard about Shosh and I had to put this down to focus on my many thoughts about Shoshana I realize this is old news but for my blog 8230 The post Remembering Mary Tyler Moore appeared first on RA Diabetes
The War On RA Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis JIA
Published: 2017-1-30
Part 3 of the war on RA was posted on January 29 2017 If the war seems difficult for the majority of us it can be overwhelming for the youngest of us who suffer from juvenile idiopathic arthritis JIA The American College of Rheumatology estimates there are about 300 000 children in the United States who 8230 The post The war on RA Juvenile idiopathic arthritis JIA appeared first on RA Diabetes
Two Icons Of The Diabetes Community
Published: 2017-1-26
Yesterday January 25 2017 we lost two of the most important people in the diabetes community that I know of One Mary Tyler Moore you probably heard of I was writing about my feeling regarding Mary Tyler Moore and her amazing accomplishments both as anj animal rights and diabetes advocate when I received news that 8230 The post Two icons of the diabetes community appeared first on RA Diabetes
Happy New Year
Published: 2017-1-08
Where were you when the year 2017 and everyone was yelling Happy New Year Me I was in a chair with my computer on my lap half asleep When Sheryl got up to kiss me our tradition the ball had dropped and the fake singing had already occurred For the first time in years I 8230 The post Happy New Year appeared first on RA Diabetes
Chronic Blessings 2016 Friends
Published: 2016-12-16
Living in a community and having friends is different I live in a community and I am thankful for that community but I am also thankful for those in the community who are my friends My final blessing for this year are my many friends made in the three online communities I am a part 8230 The post Chronic Blessings 2016 Friends appeared first on RA Diabetes
Chronic Blessings Family
Published: 2016-12-15
I have been married for 39 years My wife and I have had ups and downs and we have made it together which does not imply we are perfect Marriage and family is hard work It is messy complicated and often it results in difficult situations where there is no road map for the future 8230 The post Chronic Blessings Family appeared first on RA Diabetes
Chronic Blessings 2016 Community
Published: 2016-12-13
Where would we be without community I rely on two communities for support The Rheumatoid Arthritis Community is passionately caring They hold me up when things are tough or I am having a miserable day They give me a wide berth to be sad happy relieved angry and passionate about dealing with the daily trials 8230 The post Chronic Blessings 2016 Community appeared first on RA Diabetes