Tuesday s Love Jones A Piggyback Post
Published: 2018-4-11
The other day my fellow blogger Xavier Young posted an amazing topic that got my attention The name of the post was 8220 How do women liked to be SPOILED 8221 It 8217 s a pretty simple question but depending on the woman you ask there can be a countless variations of responses The women that did answer over on 8230
Tuesday s Love Jones My Work Husband Is Messing Up My Marriage
Published: 2018-4-03
It may be innocent but then again you may accidentally fall in love At what point is your relationship with your work spouse a threat to your actual marriage or relationship This is an important question to ask yourself if you want to keep trust and connection strong with your romantic partner or spouse right There IS such 8230
Tuesday s Love Jones Types Of Orgasms All Grown Women Should Be Having
Published: 2018-3-27
Types of Orgasms All Grown Women Should Be Having