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What s Your Bandwidth
Published: 2019-12-09
Yes I too am aware that 8220 bandwidth 8221 is the new catch phrase When you are juggling so much especially around the holidays how do you do it all I learned recently that sometimes you just can 8217 t get it all done in the way you originally planned Thanksgiving has been hosted in our home for the 8230 Continue reading What 039 s Your Bandwidth 8594
Sharing Isn t Always Caring
Published: 2019-10-14
In the past week I attended five networking events I observed an interesting phenomenon Maybe it isn 8217 t a phenomenon actually I 8217 m really hoping it isn 8217 t becoming one On several occasions I experienced networkers providing unimportant information to those around them that they were recently introduced to Let me provide you with a few examples First of 8230 Continue reading Sharing isn 8217 t Always 160 Caring 8594
Where Were You On 911
Published: 2019-9-11
Eighteen years went by in the blink of an eye Many of us remember what we were doing when our country changed forever America has had many 8220 where were you 8221 moments Our relatives may remember where they were when Kennedy was shot when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor when Richard Nixon was impeached All of 8230 Continue reading Where were you on 160 911 8594
Is It Time To Make Or Break A Habit
Published: 2019-8-21
We are all such creatures of habit What kind of habits do you have Do you have some good habits like exercising five times a week or committing to a specific number of prospecting calls weekly Or do you have some bad habits like staying up too late or spending too much time on social 8230 Continue reading Is it Time to Make or Break a 160 Habit 8594
Imposter Syndrome
Published: 2019-7-16
Impostor syndrome can conjure up a negative connotation Why would you want to be something you re not Psychology uses this term to define a behavior pattern but I m referring to a relaxed definition It takes 10 000 hours 6-10 years of your life to master something What if you want to be an expert in your 8230 Continue reading Imposter Syndrome 8594
How To Delegate When You Are A Party Of One
Published: 2018-7-26
Every great time management book or article you read has a primary rule-delegate delegate and delegate However these articles as well written as they are are aimed at large corporations or departments with what seems to be an overabundance of staff They make it seem so simple to just grab the nearest person and delegate 8230 Continue reading How to delegate when you are a party of 160 one 8594
Making A Good Networking Impression
Published: 2018-4-29
I 8217 m at the point in my career where I have attended too many networking events to count I always leave the event good or bad with something I 8217 ve learned or observed First of all I no longer approach a networking event as a singles mixer 8211 I 8217 m looking for 8220 Mr Right 8221 I now look at 8230 Continue reading Making a Good Networking 160 Impression 8594
2018 Check In
Published: 2018-2-21
160 February is quickly appearing in the rear view mirror The goals that you set forth for the first quarter- how are they coming along Have you hit any of your targets Could you have focused better to reach more of them I evaluate the metrics I set forth for the first quarter of the 8230 Continue reading 2018 Check In 8594
You Are Your Own C S O
Published: 2018-1-04
160 Welcome to the C suite Maybe your title doesn t have chief in it If you are involved in any part of the sales process in your business change your mentality If you think of yourself as a C S O Chief Sales Officer you carry yourself with more confidence more enthusiasm Study or read to advance 8230 Continue reading You are your own 160 C S O 8594
Inbox Zero
Published: 2017-12-03
I m going to level with you Emails are the new voicemail Delete delete delete Remember the day when you would get multiple voicemail messages and simply power through them by deleting all the unimportant ones Present day business is done through emails- love it or hate it Between my work and personal emails I must 8230 Continue reading Inbox Zero 8230 8594