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2018 Check In
Published: 2018-2-21
160 February is quickly appearing in the rear view mirror The goals that you set forth for the first quarter- how are they coming along Have you hit any of your targets Could you have focused better to reach more of them I evaluate the metrics I set forth for the first quarter of the 8230 Continue reading 2018 Check In 8594
You Are Your Own C S O
Published: 2018-1-04
160 Welcome to the C suite Maybe your title doesn t have chief in it If you are involved in any part of the sales process in your business change your mentality If you think of yourself as a C S O Chief Sales Officer you carry yourself with more confidence more enthusiasm Study or read to advance 8230 Continue reading You are your own 160 C S O 8594
Inbox Zero
Published: 2017-12-03
I m going to level with you Emails are the new voicemail Delete delete delete Remember the day when you would get multiple voicemail messages and simply power through them by deleting all the unimportant ones Present day business is done through emails- love it or hate it Between my work and personal emails I must 8230 Continue reading Inbox Zero 8230 8594
Giving Thanks
Published: 2017-11-22
The season of giving is upon us There are many worthwhile causes to donate your time or your hard earned money to in this season of giving What about you I don 8217 t mean that when you are doing your holiday shopping you subscribe to the one for you two for me theory What I 8230 Continue reading Giving Thanks 8594
Networking -the Necessity
Published: 2017-8-15
Too many times I have heard the phrase 8220 I have to go to a networking event 8221 Why do we have so much anxiety over it I had a boss who used to send me to events in his place and text me asking who was there who I met and how many business cards I 8230 Continue reading Networking -the Necessity 8594
Two Ears One Mouth
Published: 2017-7-06
We all think we have so much to say We think that no one is listening to us I invite you to take a step back I 8217 ve invited myself too 8211 I 8217 ve been accused of talking the paint off a wall Many 8220 sales people 8221 if you 8217 re selling your business yourself you fit in this category prepare 8230 Continue reading Two Ears One 160 Mouth 8594
Priorities Over Progress
Published: 2017-5-15
When you ask someone about their regrets in life most people don 8217 t respond that they wish they had spent more time at work away from their family or loves ones Since it is Mother 8217 s Day weekend I started to think about how many of us as mothers or fathers have to reprioritize our lives daily 8230 Continue reading Priorities over Progress 8594
Take Some Time
Published: 2017-4-30
Sometimes we are so busy getting to the next item on our to-do list that we forget what s important and what we may need We make promises of doing something for ourselves after the next project business trip or big family event What if that next project builds up on top of the current project 8230 Continue reading Take Some Time 8594
How Is Your Focus
Published: 2017-3-26
A wise mentor once told me you have to believe that what you are doing right now is the most important thing you can be doing In a world of downsizing and doing more with less people there is less time for you to focus with the time you have remaining and the resources available 8230 Continue reading How is your 160 Focus 8594
Time Is On Your Side Or Is It
Published: 2017-3-19
Can you relate to that old song by The Rolling Stones Time is on my Side or Styx s Too much time on my hands If you do stop reading now Do you find yourself in the throes of that work project the night before its due Are you purchasing that birthday gift at the very 8230 Continue reading Time is on your side 8230 or is 160 it 8594