Positive Mind

Filling Your Retirement Free Time With Fun New Skills
Published: 2018-8-16
160 Learn These Life-Enhancing List Skills Online 160 When you are punching in from nine to five you yearn for free time But then by the time retirement rolls around you re so used to adhering to a strict schedule seeing your day ahead of you so wide open can make you ask yourself OK now 8230
Get Out Of The Way
Published: 2018-8-09
If we open a quarrel between past and present we shall find that we have lost our future Winston Churchill The one person that is standing in your way of living your best life is YOU I can remember my self-sabotaging behaviors when I was younger Boy if I only knew then what I know 8230
From Depression To Expression
Published: 2018-8-02
Depression begins with disappointment When disappointment festers in our soul it leads to depression Joyce Meyer I was talking with a client the other day whose life was always filled with much joy prosperity and purpose He is two years away from retiring from a job which he has always loved until recently Now somehow 8230
It s All An Illusion
Published: 2018-7-26
Matter is but an illusion All be it a persistent illusion Albert Einstein Through quantum physics we now have discovered that matter is only energy vortexes that are invisible In other words everything is energy and through vibration we bump up to and against other energy vortexes creating either a disturbance negative energy or amplifying 8230
You re A Brainiac
Published: 2018-7-19
We are living in very uncertain times Things are speeding up so rapidly that if we do not have the knowledge tools strategies and techniques to keep up with the pace of these changes we will be left behind groveling in a sea of mediocrity which will never get us to where we truly desire 8230
You Fool
Published: 2018-7-05
A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise man Bruce Lee I think one of the biggest fears we have is looking like a fool or being criticized We don 8217 t like to look act or be different Most people like to fit in and conform 8230
Every Day In Every Way
Published: 2018-6-28
The key to happiness is really progress growth constantly working on yourself and developing something Lewis Howes 160 This is the kaizen principle The kaizen method is the Japanese word for improvement In business kaizen refers to activities that continuously improve all functions of you business and involve all employees from the CEO to the 8230
Think About It
Published: 2018-6-21
People demand freedom of speech to make up for the freedom of thought 8221 Soren Kierkgaard Thinking is the highest function we are capable of It requires concentration self discipline and creativity Everything that we see in the material world came from someones thought power So why do we have so much poverty unhappiness and sickness 8230
From Here To Eternity
Published: 2018-6-14
If you are patient in one moment of anger you will escape a hundred days of sorrow Meditation mindfulness silence and being present in the moment are all about quieting the mind and calming the body If you have never done this fifteen minutes of meditation can feel like an eternity Being still is something 8230
Seek And Destroy
Published: 2018-6-07
6 months into the year Have you reached your goals Have you lost the weight or given up those negative habits you set out to do on the 1st of the year If not what 8217 s holding you back Are subconscious beliefs sabotaging your personal power If you got more I can t than I can messages as 8230