Positive Mind

How May I Serve
Published: 2019-4-10
8220 Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country 8221 John Kennedy I wrote a book entitled How May I Serve memoirs of a spiritual waitress Pen name Karen Mathews Being of service gives my soul and spirit the greatest joy I feel so uplifted when I am 8230
Fast And Furious
Published: 2019-4-03
If you want to go fast -go alone If you want to go far-go together African Proverb We seem to have a culture today based on 8220 it 8217 s all about me 8221 What 8217 s in it for me But that is not how we are going to get out of the mess that we created over millions of 8230
I m Having A Heart On
Published: 2019-3-28
The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched 8211 they must be felt with the heart 160 My heart is busting open with love joy gratitude abundance happiness and all good things I 8217 m literally having a heart on That 8217 s when Oxytocin the love hormone stimulates the production on nitric 8230
Look Within
Published: 2019-3-20
If you think you can you are right If you think you can 8217 t you are right too Henry Ford Is there something you want to change in your life Do you want to be happier healthier or wealthier Have other people convinced you that you 8217 re not good enough Well it 8217 s not true You are enough 8230
I m So Frustrated
Published: 2019-3-13
When you are learning something new do you get totally frustrated if you aren 8217 t picking it up as easily as you would like Learning a new skill requires effort focus concentration repetition desire and a host of other things that keep you engaged It can be frustrating It is part of the learning curve I 8217 m 8230
Another Fine Mess
Published: 2019-3-06
Don 8217 t be ashamed of your story it will inspire others I can 8217 t even count how many messes I got myself into through the course of my life Actually I wrote a book about them all How May I Serve I have a pen name Karen Mathews You can go to http www howmayiserve net or http www monicabennett net to find 8230
I d Like To Get To Know You
Published: 2019-2-27
8220 To get to the next level of greatness depends on the quality of the culture which depends on the quality of relationships which depends on the quality of conversations Everything happens through conversations 8221 Judith E Glaser Why is it that negative conversations and comments stay with us so much longer than a positive one If 8230
Stressed To Blessed
Published: 2019-2-19
One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was from a horse master Its not stress that kills us it is our reaction to it 8221 Stress it is simply unavoidable right I mean it seems like every day there is something that can take you on a journey that disrupts your serenity Just yesterday 8230
Vibe With Your Tribe
Published: 2019-2-13
When your in a positive state of mind thinking and feeling good things you will begin to attract the people that will co-create with you Amazing opportunities will show up circumstances will change and conditions will improve Form a mastermind group that will assist you in developing all your gift talents and abilities Call to 8230
You Never Know
Published: 2019-2-06
Hi Dear Friends 160 Trying something new I am doing some vlogs instead of blogs Let me know if this is something you like or if you would rather I go back to the blog Thank you