Positive Mind

Health Is Your 1 Wealth
Published: 2019-8-22
160 8220 Let food be thy medicine and your medicine thy food 8221 Hippocrates Feeling good and having energy to do what you want is so important I always felt good but I wanted to bump that up to feel great I always watched what I ate but I knew I could do so much more My 8230
What Do You Resonate With
Published: 2019-8-14
8220 I choose things by how they resonate in my heart 8221 Rita Coolidge Resonance is an interesting phenomena It is an invisible energy that gets transferred from one object to another through vibration and frequency I 8217 m sure you 8217 ve all heard of an opera singer being able to shatter a crystal glass when she is able to 8230
Too Much Stress
Published: 2019-8-07
This was a sad weekend After hearing the horrific news about the shooting in El Paso I also got a few calls from friends who were feeling anxiety as well as a client who is struggling from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder It seemed where ever I turned someone was experiencing some sort of distress It 8230
Your Wake Up Call
Published: 2019-7-31
Some people need a wake up call to wake up Why is it that so many people wait for a crisis to occur before they finally wake up What is it about having to hit rock bottom to finally make a change No one really likes to change but it 8217 s the only really constant in 8230
Dream Yourself Into Being
Published: 2019-7-24
As soon as you pursue a dream your life wakes up and everything has meaning Barbara Sher Lately I 8217 ve been honing my skills into really shaping the life I want I 8217 ve been on a quest to step into a totally different reality To do this I have to do what the mystics called shape shifting 8230
Addicted To The Madness
Published: 2019-7-17
The quieter you become the more you are able to hear Rumi Last Friday I took the train into New York to meet up with some friends and visit the Met They are celebrating by having an exhibit of the fiftieth anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing that took place on July 20 1969 It was 8230
Just Be Kind
Published: 2019-7-10
Two weeks ago I was taking a flight back from Atlanta to Kennedy Airport The flight was delayed do to thunderstorms so I arrived in New York after midnight Because of this the next train taking me to my home town was over an hour wait I was grumbling and cursing that it was late 8230
Are You Going Through It Or Growing Through It
Published: 2019-7-03
Let 8217 s face it life can be darn hard at times It can knock you down turn you inside out and twist you around I don 8217 t know anyone who hasn 8217 t achieved greatness without going through some sort of adversity The difference between those that succeeded and those that didn 8217 t is the faith and courage to get 8230
In To Me See
Published: 2019-6-26
160 Intimacy is a word that people think of when it comes to sex and getting physically close with someone However intimacy has more to do with connecting on a level where you are able to trust share be open to exposing your feelings on a very deep level It is about being vulnerable and 8230
Let s Get Real
Published: 2019-6-19
Honesty doesn 8217 t always pay but dishonesty always costs What is it about not being honest with ourselves or with others that people think they can hid and get away with I tried to lie as a kid when I thought I would get punished but I always got caught Some how I never was able 8230