Positive Mind

A Force For Good
Published: 2020-8-05
Together you can redeem the soul of our nation Though I am gone I urge you to answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe These were some of the last words said by John Lewis the civil rights leader who died on July 17 2020 Powerful words 8230
Let Your Heart To The Talking
Published: 2020-7-29
I love when I 8217 m able to connect with total strangers in the most deep and profound way Today I was teaching some dance classes via Zoom I am so grateful for this platform to be able to connect with women to help them move their bodies and ease their minds Well I then went to 8230
Be Loyal To The Soil
Published: 2020-7-22
160 Whats soil have to do with being positive Everything Healthy soil is dwindling at an alarming rate You might ask why should I care Well as above so below If our soil is depleted we as humans will witness the most devastating consequences yet to be seen on earth It will make this corona 8230
Just Be Nice
Published: 2020-7-15
I love Sunday Mornings There seems to be this extra amount of peacefulness and serenity on Sunday mornings Maybe it 8217 s just me but that 8217 s how I feel This Sunday I woke up around 5 30 AM and felt so calm and tranquil I was sort of in a lucid dream state mesmerized by a vibration of 8230
Happy Independence Day
Published: 2020-7-03
160 160 160 As America celebrates Independence Day this year many are not feeling so independent After being quarantined in our homes for months our routines disrupted jobs lost asked to wear masks and gloves when going out for essentials loved ones dying because of this virus fear spreading everywhere and unrest in the streets 8230
Practice The Pause
Published: 2020-6-17
How hard is it to keep cool under pressure For me it has been a practice I would be okay with strangers and not react but with people close to me well that was much harder That knee jerk reaction would just get the better of me I would say things I later would regret 8230
The Winds Of Change
Published: 2020-6-03
We are certainly living in extraordinary times You can even call them epoch times There is a drama being played out in humanity that is changing so quickly that many people are getting caught in the strong currant of hate fear violence anger frustration and other negative emotions Watching listening and engaging in what the 8230
Keep The Pause
Published: 2020-5-28
I have never felt so connected to the earth than I have at this time I have always been a tree hugger hippie that loves to walk barefoot in the grass I have always had a deep connection with nature and can spend hours in quiet solitude just being in the midst of her beauty 8230
Home Sweet Home
Published: 2020-5-20
8220 When one 8217 s expectations are reduced to zero one really appreciates everything one does have 8221 Stephen Hawking About a year and a half ago I was invited to go to an event that was celebrating the life and work of Stephen Hawking 8217 s It took place in this little Bohemian like theater down in the Village of New 8230
Between Worlds
Published: 2020-4-29
8220 Everything can be taken from a man but one thing the last of the human freedoms- to choose one 8217 s attitude in any given set of circumstances to choose one 8217 s own way 8221 Viktor Frankl I feel like I am living between worlds I still have one foot in the old world a world that is 8230