Mythic Pictures

Roses For The Unicorn Dog
Published: 2019-7-29
I ve been putting off writing this as long as I can but I can t procrastinate any longer Calantha was put to sleep on June 18th My sweet quiet loving dog-daughter my dog-soulmate Your true task has just begun and you may never know in this life if you have succeeded but only if you fail As for her she is a story with no ending happy or sad She can never belong to anything mortal enough to want her Yet be content my lord No man has ever had more of her grace than you and no other will ever be blessed by her remembrance You have served her and loved her Be content and be king It cannot be ill fortune to have have loved a unicorn Surely it must be the dearest luck of all though the hardest earned She is my unicorn Always
A Very Late 2017 High Low Coming Out Of The Spiritual Closet
Published: 2018-2-14
The sentience envelopes me while I sleep I awaken with a gasp in a strange bed No it s not the bed that s strange - it s the same one I ve slept in since I was a child The strangeness is that I am not alone here in my bed I will never be alone again I feel it slithering out of the darkness for the first time the presence that s been whispering its sinister enigmas A living breathing thing - cold stars and glittering mathematics with the inhale hot copper and rotten fruit with the exhale Foreign from anything I have ever known Other I loved how the usually comforting loving idea of never being alone has been turned in this passage into something deeply wrong and full of dread I wanted to try and capture that feeling just before she was overtaken by the being she calls the Other of knowing the possession is imminent and you are helpless to stop it
My GoFundMe Campaign Help Me Fight ME CFS
Published: 2017-10-26
My poor blog has been so neglected this year And this isn 8217 t going to be a real proper update either but I did want to share this important information here Let me get that out of the way first I need some help Most of you reading this will know I 8217 ve been battling ME CFS for 8230
Mourning Dove
Published: 2017-8-17
Whether the viewer has recently experienced this themselves or not it s such a common part of just being human I wanted to create this Not to wallow in the mud of despair but to remind myself that the heaviness will someday lift The pain will ease The grief will lessen Maybe even a treatment will eventually work
Shades Of Sleep Invisible Illness Day
Published: 2017-5-10
I want you you who are reading this right now to GoBlue4ME Why blue Because that s our disease s awareness ribbon color What does going blue mean There are any number of things you could do to go blue I created a couple images that you could use as your profile photos for May 12th or even this whole week or more You are more than welcome to download them and use them however you d like You could dress all in blue and post a photo of yourself with the GoBlue4ME hashtag on any of your social media accounts You could get a bunch of blue balloons take a photo of them and use the hashtag on them too anything blue works
Creating Rapeseed s Harvest
Published: 2017-3-20
I chose the title even knowing it might ruffle some feathers because I honestly don t feel like there s a better way to explain it to those who have been fortunate enough to never be so depressed that they feel they can t go on another day It is your mind raping your soul verbally abusing you telling you you re worthless a horrible person undeserving of love or bothering another person by asking them for help It s a prison only you can see and feel a prison you both hate and are afraid to leave because it s all you ve known for so long
2016 High Low
Published: 2017-1-25
It seems like 2016 just sucked incredibly hard for just about everyone I wasn 8217 t very fond of it either on the whole True there were some really good things that happened but like most of you I 8217 m very happy to put it in my past and move on Let 8217 s continue the tradition of looking back 8230
Christmas Is Coming
Published: 2016-12-13
Well it 8217 s been a little while hasn 8217 t it A big part of the reason I 8217 ve been so silent recently has been due to that bastard ME doing its usual bastardy things just more of them and more frequently Sigh I won 8217 t recount each and every thing since not only would that be boring for you 8230
Square Holes And Human-Shaped Pegs
Published: 2016-8-02
I m sure everyone reading this has had times when they felt like the often cited square peg in a round hole It s a pretty universal human experience And of course we shouldn t all fit neatly into every hole society expects of us If we did there would be no one to rock the boat to bring about desperately-needed change no inspirational leaders no one going against the flow and showing us we can do the same We need those people who obviously obtusely refuse to contort themselves into whatever-shaped hole is expected of them We need our spiritual leaders those who bring about social reform who call out those in power and refuse to let injustice stand We need artists and creatives who show us with words and paint and dance and pixels how the world could be different And we need them all to help us make this possibility a reality
Good New Goods
Published: 2016-6-30
It s been quite busy in my life since I last posted It seems that s always the way though isn t it Part of what I ve been so busy working on is what I d like to show you in this post three whole new product lines I have long been on the quest for the perfect skin serum something completely natural vegan with ingredients which not only help my skin in the short term which prevents premature signs of aging but is also extremely gentle healing and will only make your skin healthier and healthier the longer you use it I d narrowed in on several key oils that I knew my skin responded to well so I decided to create my own custom blend And as it turns out the oils are all incredibly good for your hair nails basically every single part of your body