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The Role Of The Review Attorney In Mediation
Published: 2018-4-26
Mediation clients often ask why do I need a review attorney Mediation is becoming ever more popular as people realize the value of having help in making decisions about their split however they do not want to lawyer up and risk having an adversarial situation The mediator does not represent either party and will be 91 93
Who Gets The Frozen Embryos In A Divorce
Published: 2018-4-05
As if couples don t have enough to think about when dividing assets and deciding on custody the concept of making decisions about reproductive technology is becoming more common Many people are waiting longer to get married and start families and many people are beginning to take advantage of the newest reproductive technology available to them 91 93
Do You Know The Story Of Saint Valentine
Published: 2018-2-12
Back in the days of the Romans a law was passed that the soldiers were not allowed to get married because it was believed that romance would take their minds off of the battle and they would not do well A Catholic priest named Valentine married about 200 soldiers to their girlfriends in secret His actions 91 93
Therapy And Divorce
Published: 2018-1-26
Sometimes clients need help resolving personal issues that are not within my expertise They may need to be able to come to terms with the loss of their marriage and the part they played in it They frequently have stress and even post traumatic stress disorder Since I am not equipped to treat them I 91 93
The One Session Mediation
Published: 2018-1-18
Yes you read that correctly It can and has been done I have successfully mediated a divorce which took only one session The couple had no children no real estate and very few assets and debts They both wanted to reach an agreement quickly and were willing to work together toward that goal There was 91 93
Update On Divorce And Tax Law
Published: 2018-1-05
Now that the new tax law is official this is what it means for divorcing couples First of all alimony or maintenance as we call it in New York will not be deductible by the payor for any agreement executed after December 31 2018 Note that the divorce judgment does not need to be signed only 91 93
New Tax Treatment Of Maintenance And Implications For Divorcing Couples
Published: 2017-11-09
There is a lot of buzz lately about possible changes to the tax treatment of Spousal Maintenance The silver lining in the spousal maintenance cloud is that the payor can take the amount off their taxes as a deduction The person who receives the maintenance has had to pay the taxes on it as income 91 93
What s The Difference Between You Guys And An Online Service
Published: 2017-10-19
Recently we had a former divorce client call us with happy news She is getting married Both parties have children from their former relationships professional practices and assets that they would like to go to their respective children when they pass away Understandably our former client was a bit concerned about what might happen should 91 93
Thinking Of Going Solo Be Prepared To Practice Law And Run A Business
Published: 2017-10-12
A law practice is a business No matter how good an attorney you are your practice will not take off without that recognition This article was written for new solo attorneys those who are thinking of hanging out a shingle and those who were dismayed when they saw their tax return for the first time 91 93
Exchanging A Statement Of Net Worth In A Divorce
Published: 2017-10-05
In the divorce process whether mediated or litigated one of the most important documents is the statement of net worth It is a document that outlines the financial health of each party There are several sections One section outlines the family data and budget such as how many children are in the home dates of birth 91 93