Interiors By Dafna Adler

Kitchen Renovation Considerations
Published: 2018-1-04
Kitchen RenovationPlanning your kitchen is one of the most important and hardest tasks in design renovation It is important because it is generally a hub of the house for your family is used by multiple people for a variety of tasks sometimes accommodates multiple cooks and is a place guests like to congregate In essence it serves many purposes The following are some considerations 1 How many cooks in the kitchen Do they need to use the kitchen at the same time If there are multiple img src http static wixstatic com media 03b676 20149feb6bed4cc0be2272ce54b507b4 7Emv2 jpeg v1 fill w 231 2Ch 218 03b676 20149feb6bed4cc0be2272ce54b507b4 7Emv2 jpeg
A Little Bit Of Sparkle In Your Space
Published: 2017-12-03
Sometimes a room is nicely done but is missing a little visual interest or needs a little more depth After making sure that there is sufficient light great window treatments and the right scale of patterns in the room take a look at the metals At interiors by Dafna Adler we love using metals in decorating A room must have balance proportion and good style to be well decorated Materials such as brass gold silver copper all add another dimension to color and material They should be used img src http static wixstatic com media 03b676 af3802856e02426db972fc3d4b5da2b9 7Emv2 jpg v1 fill w 236 2Ch 236 03b676 af3802856e02426db972fc3d4b5da2b9 7Emv2 jpg
Color Inspiration
Published: 2017-10-27
How do you decide what color to paint a room or which colors of material to use That is a question that comes up frequently in design conversations among my clients and colleagues When choosing colors to decorate a room my client may or may not have an idea of which colors they like We all have unique preferences and experiences with color because colors affect each of us differently When I need inspiration for paint colors I look at nature Periodically I attend the Orchid Show at the NY img src http static wixstatic com media 03b676 b6d84a4443634f8d90b340ff75895cbc 7Emv2 d 3000 4000 s 4 2 jpg v1 fill w 131 2Ch 175 03b676 b6d84a4443634f8d90b340ff75895cbc 7Emv2 d 3000 4000 s 4 2 jpg
Decorating Your Style
Published: 2017-8-03
There is something magical when walking into a home that appears to reflect the personality of the person living there It is as though you are introduced into the inner workings of the individual It gives the visitor a sense of wonder and awe and an appreciation that they are in a unique home As Nate Berkus an interior designer says Your home should tell the story of who you are and be a collection of what you love Creating personal style doesn t have to be expensive or extreme It is img src http static wixstatic com media 03b676 93eb16d4d6924e0f90eb0a5ec0c470c0 7Emv2 jpg
A Different Approach To Home Renovation
Published: 2017-7-10
Consider a Different Approach to Home RenovationIf you are a homeowner and are considering doing a major renovation such as extending your family room gutting your kitchen adding a new addition to your home creating a usable finished basement or other such projects your first thought may be to look for a contractor and possibly an architect and begin your project there I would like to suggest another path It has been my experience as an interior designer that homeowners gain from involving
Window Treatments
Published: 2017-6-11
Nothing adds more polish and drama to a room than the right window dressing I equate it to the perfect scarf to add to an outfit The final finishing touch Quality custom drapery is expensive costs as much as a piece of furniture and requires expertise to be done correctly Often a window in the house needs some form of shade There may be a need for privacy to block out the sun or even to keep the temperature in the room moderate The first thing I ask my clients is What is the function of img src http static wixstatic com media 03b676 aff3964610b74ecd9c31a3ae06844ecd 7Emv2 d 3264 2448 s 4 2 jpg
Five Mistakes To Avoid Before Starting A Renovation Or Re-design
Published: 2017-3-31
You re thinking about re-doing your kitchen or bathroom or maybe one of your bedrooms You ve seen some great looking renovations in several magazines and one of your good friends just did a beautiful make over in her apartment You re psyched to start You re scared you ll mess up Well you should be psyched it s great you re going to transform part of your home so it will be even more comfortable to live in Being scared Maybe a little but if you avoid certain pitfalls the process can be
Light Revolution
Published: 2017-3-07
Did you know that lighting has been going through a revolution in the past few years LED is changing the landscape of what can be lit Things that can be taken into consideration when choosing the right light are type of light color bulb color temperature CRI and correct application Ultimately light changes the perception of color in a space Light can also affect mood create ambiance and product energy Most importantly lighting affects your comfort in a space Different types of
Why Hire A Professional Designer
Published: 2017-1-22
Decorating a room or doing renovations requires much more than just having good taste People may wonder which professional to hire when and how much it may cost Among the many options I would like to suggest that there are many good reasons to hire an interior designer even for small projects The following are some ways that an interior designer may help out First the greatest benefit is the time element required to find the sources that are best suited for your space It takes time to
Is White The Right Color
Published: 2017-1-16
Many of my clients think that nothing can go wrong when they use white in their decorating scheme After all white is a neutral airy and fresh and well white is white Right Actually that s wrong There are innumerable shades of white and it can be challenging to pick the right white paint Take your time it s an important decision and one that can impact the entire look of your room The white that you select in the paint store can look entirely different in your room at home especially