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Is My Engagement Ring Covered By My Florida Homeowners Insurance
Published: 2018-12-26
As you may already know homeowners insurance policies will typically provide you with a limited amount of coverage for your jewelry However typically these policies will not cover your gems or lost jewelry It is essential that you read your Florida homeowners insurance policy carefully to see if your valuables such as an engagement ring 8230 The post Is my engagement ring covered by my Florida homeowners insurance appeared first on Long Insurance
How Does Marriage Affect Car Insurance In Florida
Published: 2018-12-26
Did you know that married people have fewer car accidents than those that are unmarried When it comes to car insurance the safer you drive the better your rates If you have recently gotten married listen up and see if you qualify for savings Let s discuss car insurance in Florida Combine FL car insurance policies 8230 The post How does marriage affect car insurance in Florida appeared first on Long Insurance
Why Complete A Florida Renters Insurance Comparison
Published: 2018-12-25
Purchasing proper coverage for your rental home apartment or even condo is so important Many tenants are unaware that purchasing this coverage can protect them financially Renters coverage can protect all of your personal belongings if they happen to become damaged or even stolen In addition if you are looking for the best rates out 8230 The post Why complete a Florida renters insurance comparison appeared first on Long Insurance