Ender Bowen – God Jots

The Purpose Of Status And Affluence
Published: 2018-8-14
There is a reason we are all born to different status and affluence Might it be that no matter what we are given we are expected to become more
Forgiveness Is Not Just For You
Published: 2018-8-01
A beautiful way to look at the act of forgiveness is to suggest that we are freeing ourselves from the bonds of those who hurt us But we can t forget that to forgive means to set those people free as well
The Catastrophic Power Of Love
Published: 2018-5-15
When you are asked to Love you aren t just being asked to be loving you are tasked with taking care of Love To ensure that its volatility doesn t end up in the wrong hands or to make certain that its fragility is understood and respected
Looking For A Return On Emotional Investment
Published: 2018-5-01
If you are giving someone your attention and your emotions and trying to turn them into something what is the Return On Emotional Investment that comes out What are you getting out of it What is the other person getting out of it
Come To Passion The Deliberate Nature Of Compassion
Published: 2018-4-17
Compassion isn t something that just happens Nor is it something that you accidentally fall into The idea behind Compassion is that you come to passion - you actively and deliberately engage in it Person to person
Why And How You Should Rise Above Reason
Published: 2018-4-03
As human beings we fall into these traps where we believe if we ve been wronged we feel justified in our response There s more to experience in life if you rise above reason You can be more than is reasonable too
Total Solar Eclipse Coincidence Or Act Of God
Published: 2017-8-22
What if God is reminding us through the magnificent beauty of a total solar eclipse that He s here watching over all of human kind
Making Sense Of What You Should Be Doing And Why
Published: 2017-8-08
How often have you said This isn t what I should be doing Then why are you doing it Don t look for a way out Look for the reason you re there
Science And Religion Part 1 The Truth About Faith
Published: 2017-5-23
Part 1 of my series on the relationship between Science and Religion focuses on the truth about Faith What is it Why is it And how do we perceive it
Why Do We Struggle With Temptation
Published: 2017-4-11
Why do we struggle with Temptation What can your own temptations tell you about yourself your strengths and weaknesses and God s calling for you