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Published: 2020-9-26
Latest Success Stories 8230 With your help and practice our lives just seem happier Dear Eileen We have been fortunate enough to have located you With your help and guidance both my husband and myself now have the necessary tools to allow our daily lives to become easier an less stressful Each day we use your calming 8230 More ONGOING COUPLE SUCCESS 160 STORY
Powerful Phrasing For Resilience
Published: 2020-9-11
We have heard about LOA Law of Attraction 38 visualizing positive outcomes to manifest who and what we want Most importantly we need the action practice component for powerful positive language to become a happy habit I 8217 ve been revisiting this aspect of positive thinking and am encouraging you to take this challenge and 160 change your low energy 8230 More Powerful Phrasing for 160 Resilience
Testimonials Success Stories
Published: 2020-9-05
What people are saying about Eileen Lichtenstein Latest Success Stories Heidi Klewicki East Meadow NYAssistant Director at a Not For ProfitMarried Mom of two I needed help with the communication in our home 160 I was told I appeared unhappy miserable or angry While I didn 8217 t see myself as such I agreed I could be happier I felt 8230 More Testimonials 38 Success 160 Stories
Are You An Active Listener
Published: 2020-8-31
Soo important 8211 at work and home Important to listen to adults and children with extra attention and without interruption Test yourself Say back what you hear to be sure it 8217 s correct and then respond or don 8217 t Older children can 8220 play 8221 this as a game scoring points If you -your couple- family or work need 8230 More Are you an Active 160 Listener
You Can t Stop The Waves
Published: 2020-8-30
8220 You can 8217 t stop the waves 8230 but you can learn to surf 8221 Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn Dr Zinn helped to introduce mindfulness based stress reduction to the Western world He worked with outpatients U Mass Medical School and led groups regularly I was fortunate to participate in a week long training at Omega Institute Rhinebeck NY twenty-five 8230 More You can 8217 t stop the 160 waves 8230
How To Become A Better Communicator
Published: 2020-8-15
Tune in to this episode of Hilary Topper On Air as Hilary interviews Eileen Lichtenstein CEO of Balance 38 Power Inc and author of 8220 SOAR with Resilience The Interactive Book for Overcoming Obstacles 38 Achieving Success 8221 Eileen offers listeners key tips and takeaways for effective communication at home and at work Walk away from this 8230 More How to Become a Better 160 Communicator
Relaxing Between 4 Hours Online
Published: 2020-8-12
There 8217 s a thunderstorm outside and I had to shut my eyes 8211 not feeling much like meditating 8230 So with feet up chair reclined I put in earbuds and listened to relaxing music for 20 minutes- did the trick If you need help for scheduling a break relaxation 8211 free consult www balanceandpower com 516 623 4353 online sessions 8230 More Relaxing Between 4 hours 160 Online
The Alchemist Reread And Relevant
Published: 2020-8-10
And when you want something all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it Paulo Coelho The Alchemist Pursue your dreams by following what your heart desires is a constant theme in order to reach your goals Here are some quotes by the Brazilian author which may be found in the book It 8217 s 8230 More 8220 The Alchemist 8221 Reread and 160 Relevant
Confidence Meditation Tapping Facebook Live With Stephanie Thoma And Eileen Lichtenstein
Published: 2020-8-04
Have you ever been curious about tapping or meditation Don 8217 t know what either one is Learn by doing Break up your day by taking a power hour of self-care with a special collaboration with Emotional Freedom Technique EFT tapping facilitator Eileen Lichtenstein and a meditation session with facilitator Stephanie Thoma You 8217 ll walk away from this 8230 More Confidence Meditation Tapping Facebook Live With Stephanie Thoma and Eileen 160 Lichtenstein
Do You Get Enough Sleep To Be In A Good Mood
Published: 2020-7-31
I 8217 m a certified Anger Management Specialist and receive current info and research in the arena Recent studies and research has shown that 8220 lack of sleep intensifies anger impairs adaptation to frustrating circumstances 8221 and that 8220 sleep-restricted individuals showed a trend toward increased anger and distress essentially reversing their ability to adapt to frustrating conditions over time 8221 8230 More Do you get enough sleep to be in a good 160 mood