Deliberately Living Life Lessons

Instructions For Deliberately Living Life
Published: 2014-1-10
Have you ever thought to yourself that you were prepared in your spiritual walk yet unexpected road blocks seemingly appeared to pop up causing you to feel like you were turned around confused and frustrated simply discombobulated or in unfamiliar territory and traveling in the night time of your life If so what did you use to navigate the challenges Today I want to share with you a Perfect source of navigation for this Christian journey given to us by God Himself The post Instructions for Deliberately Living Life first appeared on Yolanda Shanks
The Perfectly Wrapped Gift
Published: 2013-12-18
Yes it can be very easy to become sidetracked with the purchasing prepping and even celebrating without giving intentional thought to the true meaning of Christmas For this reason I do not want any of us to get sidetracked so I am writing this lesson to remind one and all of the greatest Gift ever given The post The Perfectly Wrapped Gift first appeared on Yolanda Shanks
Understanding Thankfulness
Published: 2013-11-26
Did you know that the word thank is from the same root as think To think means to reflect creatively with the mind So to thank someone requires the process of using one s mind to form an intentional thought and to consider what is being done and has been done or given to you The post Understanding Thankfulness first appeared on Yolanda Shanks
Stop Feeling Slain By Your Circumstances
Published: 2013-11-13
Have you ever experienced a situation in your life that caused you to feel like your emotions were on a roller coaster ride You know up a little then down a little and even topsy-turvy Did it appear that instead of truly giving the matter to God instead you worried about it until you too allowed your peace to fluctuate based on your circumstances Well if you answered yes to any of those questions then today s lesson is indeed for you just like it was and is still for me The post Stop Feeling Slain by Your Circumstances first appeared on Yolanda Shanks
Remaining Watchful
Published: 2013-11-07
Above anticipating a new job a monetary increase a new car your first home or a new home the arrival of a new baby a wedding ceremony and all of the other exciting events that can cause us great expectancy and great joy we who are believers in Christ Jesus should anticipate His return more than everything else in this life As a matter of fact we must make a conscious decision daily to never lend our attention to the cares of this world so much that we lose the expectation of Christ s return The post Remaining Watchful first appeared on Yolanda Shanks
Have You Become Dull Of Hearing
Published: 2013-10-22
I believe that we have also become dull in seeking God and asking Him for spiritual wisdom knowledge and understanding This lethargic attitude has prevented us from graduating from the basics of solely hearing Scripture to implementing Scripture into our lives and teaching others to do the same The post Have you Become Dull of Hearing first appeared on Yolanda Shanks
The Importance Of Being Adequately Equipped
Published: 2013-10-14
Satan would have all of mankind to believe lies such as a there is no God b if there is then there are many routes to God not just one c there isn t a heaven or a hell d there s nothing after death and e if there is something after death such as a heaven or hell no problem because as long as you have performed good deeds you have earned the right to one day live in heaven Now I am certain that you have heard one if not all of those lies Haven t you The post The Importance of Being Adequately Equipped first appeared on Yolanda Shanks
Me Lord
Published: 2013-8-07
Given that we live in such a task driven society and we are constantly on the move what a magnificent example laid before us by the Psalmist David one who discovered the importance of stopping long enough to consider the created world around him despite the hustle and bustle of life The post Me Lord first appeared on Yolanda Shanks
Eliminating The I Can Not s
Published: 2013-7-30
I ask that you walk with me into today s lesson as we review one who certainly could have fallen victim to a spirit of defeat in the midst of the small and BIG issues of life but didn t the Apostle Paul The post Eliminating the I Can Not s first appeared on Yolanda Shanks
Don t Let The Words Of Others Stop You
Published: 2013-7-05
Have you ever been in that place Confident of your actions in completing a certain thing or beginning a certain task endeavor until you shared your goals with another Did you allow their negative chatter to cause you to question and doubt your assignment too long Did it bring you to a complete stop If so then today s lesson is absolutely for you The post Don t Let the Words of Others Stop You first appeared on Yolanda Shanks
Escaped To Tell
Published: 2013-6-19
Truth in its simplest form declares that you and I are both products of God s magnificent grace and mercy Yes we are alive today and our paths were orchestrated to intersect so that we could share in this devotional-time by the divine providence of our wonderful Heavenly Father for His glory and grow The post Escaped to Tell first appeared on Yolanda Shanks
Bound In The Bundle Of The Living-Part 10
Published: 2013-6-05
Persecutions are only for a limited time span they have a beginning and an end bound by the divine guidelines of what God says in the book of Ecclesiastes regarding Seasons and our persecutors are only the vessels being used to grow us we must remember that God has the ultimate say in all matters So the appropriate place for our focus at all times should be on Him The post Bound in the Bundle of the Living-Part 10 first appeared on Yolanda Shanks
A Request Of Forgiveness Part 9
Published: 2013-5-30
We too must remember that in our current situations we only see in part for it has not fully been revealed the grand and marvelous things God has in store for us who love Him The post A Request of Forgiveness Part 9 first appeared on Yolanda Shanks
Demonstrating A Spirit Of Humility -Part 8
Published: 2013-5-23
How precious in the sight of God are the taken opportunities when we walk obediently in a spirit of humility The post Demonstrating a Spirit of Humility -Part 8 first appeared on Yolanda Shanks
An Appointed Time
Published: 2013-5-09
Now there is no doubt in my mind that you can agree with me when I say that there are some subject matters that we would prefer not to think about nor deal with until we have too Possibly one of those subject matters for you is that of physical death with that said you should know that it is not my goal to cause you pain nor is it my desire to initiate a panic but it is my hope that you will began to seriously think about eternity The post An Appointed Time first appeared on Yolanda Shanks