League Leaders In Stats Heading Into The Second Half Of The Season
Published: 2017-2-20
The NBA 8217 s All-Star Weekend just concluded and we 8217 ll soon be entering the point in the season where contests actually matter teams are jockeying for that prime and elusive playoff position hoping to earn a favorable matchup that can propel them to a solid playoff run Within the entanglements of the playoff hopefuls there will also be individuals and teams who know their seasons have a pretty firm expiration date on 8230
Stock Up James Johnson
Published: 2017-1-31
The Miami HEAT are streaking A winning spree not many saw coming or cared to predict Erik Spoelstra 8217 s savvy group of vets is finding a groove One key reason DION WAITERS Another key reason however The emergence steadiness of James Johnson JJ who 8217 s normally difficult to find a role for is thriving as a versatile defender 38 playmaker off Coach Spo 8217 s bench JJ 8217 s varied skill set is utilized 8230
LeBron s Media Melee Dissected
Published: 2017-1-26
Much has been made of the recent LeBron James media tirade in which he directly and indirectly berated his teammates coach and front office all in one jumbled post game speech However there 8217 s multiple shots and subliminal to extract from his very calculated responses to media questions Delay of Game Hoops will break it down for you 8230 What LeBron said 8220 I just hope that we 8217 re not satisfied 8230
Quick Notes Pels Upset Cavs
Published: 2017-1-24
One of the bigger regular season upsets took place last night 8211 the victim Cleveland Coming off a rough loss to San Antonio over the weekend Cleveland looked to rebound v the Anthony Davis-less Pels in New Orleans Instead AD 8217 s former UK running mate Terrence Jones stole the show w 36 points 11 boards 38 3 blocks 8216 Nawlins snuck away w a W 38 now sit 8230
The Jazz s Roots Are Strong In Salt Lake
Published: 2017-1-24
Traditionally ownership of NBA teams are treated as more of profitable business ventures than a passion project Owners range anywhere from families to distant business partners who have more money than any one individual would ever know what to do with The trend in these highly marketable money-printing sports conglomerates is to seek wherever the dollar takes you Even worse the owners that tend to own these teams feed 8230
Joel Embiid Is Years Ahead Of This Rookie Class Literally
Published: 2016-11-08
Joel 8220 The Process 8221 Embiid was forced by the lower half of his body to take in the 8220 first two years 8221 of his NBA career with a permanent seat on the bench His real rookie season began on October 26th 2016 against the Oklahoma City Thunder The process has been a long one but they payout has been sweet for Philly fans and for fans of 8230
Steph Makes 3 Point History At The Best Time
Published: 2016-11-08
Steph Curry did one major thing last night but it was surrounded by a bunch of other smaller things wrapped into that one The large thing you 8217 ll hear about and it certainly isn 8217 t just a 8216 thing 8217 is how Curry broke the single-game three point record last night against the Pelicans splashing in 13 threes But after assessing last night 8217 s game it makes a lot of sense The Warriors 8230
Paul George Sounds Off On Pacers
Published: 2016-11-08
Paul George We re all out of whack There s no trust there s no chemistry there s no belief We re kind of just lifeless right now Strong words for a team that received so much herald and praise this offseason for their ability to challenge the throne in the eastern conference But Paul George hits the nail on the head the Pacers just don 8217 t look good right now 8230
James Harden Leads The League In Assists
Published: 2016-11-07
Yes you read that correctly One of the league 8217 s most prolific scorers known for his ball-dominant tendencies and 40 point games can add another bullet-point to his resume assist leader Although the 2016- 8217 17 season has only been underway for approximately 1 week Harden is averaging 12 3 APG sitting ahead of LeBron James 10 7 APG and John Wall 10 APG This uptick is largely in part 8230
Walton Creating New Lakers Culture
Published: 2016-11-07
Post-Kobe-era Lakers were supposed to slip even further into the abyss that they crawled into last season but the young talent on their roster has other plans for this season The Lakers are officially above 500 after defeating the Phoenix Suns last night and also notched their first three game winning streak of the season a feat they only achieved once all last year and didn 8217 t 8230