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DeFlip Side 183 Tarantino s Trek
Published: 2018-1-05
The creative auteur behind gonzo classics like Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs is gearing up to boldly go into the final frontier
DeFlip Side 182 Voyage Of Discovery
Published: 2017-10-06
Star Trek Discovery has sparked admiration and ire among divided Trek fans Here s our take
DeFlip Side 181 Castle Rock TV Podcast Preview
Published: 2017-7-21
Enjoy an exclusive sneak peek of my new show The Castle Rock TV Podcast
DeFlip Side 180 Tiara Triumphant
Published: 2017-6-02
Wonder Woman is a Princess Warrior Hero and Icon -- and may now be the savior of the DC Cinematic Universe
DeFlip Side 179 Fannish Pursuits
Published: 2017-5-10
Celebrating the the 34th anniversary of Destinies The Voice of Science Fiction or How I got my geek on at Long Island Geek
DeFlip Side 178 2017 Sci-Fi Madness Results Show
Published: 2017-4-01
After 64 rounds of mechanized mayhem a victor has emerged in the Robopocalypse
DeFlip Side 177 2017 Sci-Fi Madness Championship
Published: 2017-3-26
Sixty-four entered Two are left standing Who will reign in the Robopocalypse
DeFlip Side 177 2017 Sci-Fi Madness Final Four
Published: 2017-3-22
Gears grind and circuits fry as the division champs are battle it out
DeFlip Side 177 2017 Sci-Fi Madness Elite Eight
Published: 2017-3-18
The Robopocalypse division finals are here and the roster of clockwork competitors reads like a who s who of cybernetic celebrity
DeFlip Side 177 2017 Sci-Fi Madness Sweet 16
Published: 2017-3-14
Grab your dancing shoes princess The Robopocalypse is celebrating its Sweet 16