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Is Easy Hits 4 U Really Worth It
Published: 2019-1-25
nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp nbsp img alt Your 1 1 Traffic Exchange border 0 height 60 src https static easyhits4u com img banners 468x60 7 gif width 468 I had seen this site all over online for years and for the longest time I had stayed away nbsp No real reason I guess just didn t sign up with them nbsp This site is called EasyHits4U nbsp Last year I decided to go ahead and give them a try so I signed up as a free member nbsp This was April 2018 I joined nbsp For those who have never heard of them they are a traffic exchange program nbsp You surf for credits to earn hits for your sites nbsp As many of you know I wait to share sites that I like until I know that they are worth sharing which is why it is taking me so long to talk about them I don t sign up and share them the same day nbsp I now know exactly what I think of them So the question is are they really worth the hype I saw Or worth the hype they claim on the banner To me the answer is yes absolutely nbsp I started as a free member there and only upgraded the beginning of January 2019 nbsp I am glad I upgraded I get discounts on start pages sometimes free rotators and splash pages nbsp They have their own splash page builder and rotator as well so as an Ultimate member I can use that for free nbsp Start pages get a lot of traffic to them for the day nbsp Mine got around 6000 views that day nbsp It was the first site everybody saw when they started surfing nbsp So my site was seen while the surfers were still fresh and alert What is even cooler tho is that I get free random referrals Seriously I have got 4 random referrals so far in the 3 weeks I have been upgraded nbsp I know 4 is not a ton but how many sites give you any random referrals just for being upgraded Not many sites do that nbsp You earn credits from your referrals and also you earn commissions on purchasesYou don t have to upgrade to gain traffic at EasyHits4U nbsp They offer a 1 1 for surf sites with a timer of 20 seconds for free members nbsp But upgraded is worth the benefits if you have the budget to do so nbsp It is among my favorite with 2 others on the list for traffic when it comes to an actual traffic exchange Have you tried them yet I recommend that you try them if you have an online opportunity you need to drive traffic to nbsp Hope to see you there
Network Marketing Or Affiliate Marketing What s The Difference
Published: 2019-1-14
img border 0 data-original-height 902 data-original-width 1600 height 180 src https 4 bp blogspot com -TPSzJ-M zFM XDza7VFRjvI AAAAAAAAEIw 1tAHVKItqNQjeSfplsoh6o0JvlmNH7C7wCLcBGAs s320 money-1624020 1920 jpg width 320 When working online you hear of two main things of course there are many ways to make money online but these two you hear a lot of network marketing and affiliate marketing nbsp They sound similar and yes you can make a lot of money with both but I am often asked what the difference really is between the two nbsp Well they can be used somewhat interchangeably when you really think about it but in the online world people tend to mean specific things when using these terms First is network marketing This is when you are building a team of affiliates to work with you nbsp This team helps you to build your residual income over time nbsp Meaning as your team grows your income grows and you will continue to be paid year after year nbsp This grows in a pyramid but it is not a pyramid scheme or scam nbsp Just you have yourself on top of the team then your direct referrals and their referrals and so on nbsp nbsp You grow with others on your team and you are there helping them grow their teams as well nbsp This is the networking part of it nbsp You grow together as a network nbsp A business like Cashjuice nbsp is a great example nbsp If you were to join with me I would have you on my team and I would help you to build your own team nbsp There are plenty of other businesses like this as well nbsp Now you have affiliate marketing This is usually referred to when you promote other people s products nbsp Now the cool part about this that a lot of people like is that you do not handle any sales you do not have to follow up with people and you get paid by the owner of the product nbsp You can set ads up and collect commissions nbsp Sounds easy and great right Not so easy if you don t know what you are doing nbsp See in affiliate marketing you don t have a sponsor or any upline to guide you through the process nbsp It can be overwhelming Lucky for beginners who want to make money online with this there are things like Covert Commissions nbsp They have a very easy way of automating everything for you nbsp The link there provides a free report for you nbsp Now yes you can get into profit without using anything like Covert Commissions but you really have to know what you are doing nbsp I gave up a few times along the way on affiliate marketing because of the learning curves thrown at you Now my take on which is better between the two I honestly like both It is better to not have all your money in one basket so to speak nbsp Why not build a successful team on one side and also market other people s products for money on the other That is my take on it What do you prefer - affiliate marketing or network marketing
Legitmate Work At Home Jobs In 2018
Published: 2018-12-02
The Internet has become a popular place for people to look for work from home jobs nbsp Along with it tho has been a lot of scammers so for new people it is often hard to find legitimate jobs nbsp I cannot emphasize enough to watch out for big promises when looking online for work If it says you will make a lot of money in your first day or even your first month do not continue nbsp Click away I know many of my wonderful readers have been with me for years now but for new people to my blog I want to mention that I do not personally work a job online that pays me 9-5 nbsp What I do is work with companies who pay me to do tasks and also I build teams with some online businesses There are companies who will do the 9-5 hourly pay but honestly they are hard to find doing an Internet search nbsp You can talk with your current employer and see if they have a telecommute position available but please be careful when you look online at promises nbsp nbsp I will share with you some great companies that I have been paid by and I want to mention that I don t hop onto the newest bandwagon nbsp I prefer companies who have been around a while and who have a reputation and I have been with most of these for years not just a day or a week nbsp I will also update with more shortly but as many of you know I am very picky with what I share with my readers Here is a list of places I prefer User Testing nbsp They are a site that you get paid to test websites nbsp You need to have a working microphone on your computer and submit a test sample first nbsp If you pass fairly easy you will be able to test out more websites and get paid nbsp They pay by Paypal and the pay varies based on test but I believe each one is at least 10 nbsp I haven t got less then that and I have got up to 30 for one that was about an hour InboxDollars nbsp They are a site where you complete various tasks and surveys along with paid emails You will be paid by check with them nbsp They are not a huge money maker but I have been able to pay a couple of bills with them since I have been a member there Hubpages nbsp This is a great site to earn a little extra cash if you are a writer nbsp You won t earn a ton of money but you keep rights to what you write and you can write about what you want to write about not for somebody else nbsp It is like having your own blog except you get paid per page view here nbsp iWriter nbsp Great site if you are starting out as a writer online nbsp The pay isn t as good as some sites but they have always paid me and they are not hard at all to write for nbsp This is a site that you write articles based on what a client wants and when they accept you get paid nbsp Textbroker Here is another site that is writing for clients to make money nbsp The pay here is a little better then iWriter but they are stricter on the writing so it can be a bit more difficult nbsp Worth it tho if writing is your thing PostLoop nbsp They are another one that is not very high paying but have been there paying me since 2012 nbsp You get paid to write on forums and leave blog comments nbsp Very easy and can be quite fun to do in between other stuffFiverr nbsp This is a site that I have never personally done anything with but they are legitimate and have paid many people I do know people who have been paid through it nbsp You can cruise through listings of what people need or you can list something you will do nbsp Pretty simple site to use Freelancer nbsp This is a great site for freelancers to find great jobs online nbsp Jobs can vary but there are usually jobs for everybody nbsp It can be hard to start tho since they have experience levels nbsp But it is possible to earn a nice amount of money from here GDI nbsp Here is a company that you can build a business with you can use your website for whatever you want and you can make money sharing them with other people nbsp They offer a no strings attached free trial and then it is 10 a month after but you get your own website hosted with them along with a blog and other cool tools like making a forum on your site nbsp They have been around for years providing people with the tools to build a profitable business nbsp I highly recommend them even if just for the website and not to earn money with them Cashjuice nbsp This one is pretty new however I have worked with the founder at his other site nbsp He is not new online it is just his new site nbsp This is a great addition for anybody who is already online and will be great for newbies as well nbsp Some of these sites you would join as a member of my team with my full support and some of them are not an affiliate program no compensation at all but I know they are a great place for people to go to work at home
Working Your Online Business Got A Lot Easier
Published: 2018-11-16
img border 0 data-original-height 250 data-original-width 250 src https 2 bp blogspot com - JH0MBdaQQo XDy-IX0mwUI AAAAAAAAEIg QgLLvdMXPIUq6nacu94YWgaGGWbZvOW3QCLcBGAs s1600 Cash 2Bjuice 2Bfor 2Bblog jpg What is most of your struggles with working at home Is it traffic or knowledge There are many reasons why we struggle with working at home and it can be frustrating enough for you to give up If you have found a business that you are passionate about please stay with it nbsp I am not trying to get anybody to leave a business but I have something that will help you to grow any online business nbsp This will help you to succeed with what you are already doing Would you join me in a business building opportunity that is free join helps with traffic problems and also has a community to learn from There is the ability to coach people communicate with people learn from people get your ad seen and so much more nbsp You will have what you need to succeed in your current business and you can also earn commission when people join with you if they upgrade or purchase service Cashjuice is a great opportunity for you to succeed nbsp The owner has already created a very successful traffic site and he was asked what he would do if he had to start from scratch nbsp Here is his creation I hope to see you there
Can I Become Successful Online Too
Published: 2018-3-15
Running a business isn t as easy as it sounds but it is worth it overall nbsp You may see others talking about how successful they are with their online business and how quickly they got there and wonder if you can become successful online too nbsp Quickly is in quotes because it is something that people use to get your attention and try to get you to act now nbsp Run away from those scams nbsp If somebody is putting a time limit on signing up and a limited number of positions it is likely a scam nbsp With that being said anybody can be successful with the work that is needed to get there nbsp And yes you can succeed online with the right steps company and mentality nbsp nbsp Here is what these gurus don t want you to know Truth is that they really didn t get to be successful quickly like they want you to think - and many times they really didn t get true success once people found out their scam was just that a scam nbsp Often times they are just trying to get you to buy their program to make them richer nbsp Many times I have seen these work at home gurus come and go nbsp There are very few of these get rich quick guys that last even a year nbsp But the fancy houses in their ads are nice right Don t buy into it nbsp It is a bunch of crap and you will waste your money The right company to work with What you need for success is the right company to work with yes work with not for you are starting a business not an hourly job nbsp A company that has been around for years and still here nbsp Not some guru that is flashing his her house not usually their house nbsp That is why in all my years of working online my first choice for building a business is SFI they have been online helping people for 20 years now nbsp If you join by clicking the link you will be an affiliate on my team nbsp That is a good thing because I can help you but just wanted to let you know that I am affiliated with them The gurus don t want you to know about companies like SFI because they can t get you to buy their expensive product hoping you won t ask for a refund nbsp Of course there are other legitimate companies out there but in my experience of working at home I have found them to be the most solid company to work with nbsp The work at home gurus don t want you to know about them nbsp - they are a legitimate company who offers training and support for anybody willing to put time and work into their business nbsp You can succeed without ever making a financial investment in SFI tho an investment helps you get there faster nbsp In all reality if these get rich quick working at home guys were to actually start working with companies like SFI they would have true success nbsp But it takes the right mentality to work at home and actually make real money that is why they do not do it nbsp They want instant riches at the sake of fooling you out of money and they go broke when people demand refunds nbsp They don t have the mentality to succeed The right steps The right steps depend on your situation and how you are able to move forward nbsp The first step of course would be joining with a successful company who has been in business for years nbsp Then you will want to set your goals very important If you chose to work with me at SFI the next step would be to learn all you can about the company and how you can earn nbsp I am always here for my team and there is a lot of training available for us as well There are several steps that you would want to take you are building a business not buying a get rich scam nbsp It does take time and effort But steps depend on your ability do you know about Internet Marketing or do you have to learn it do you know people who want to work with you or do you have to find them yet etc nbsp It is absolutely possible tho The right mentality You need to be ready to help others succeed nbsp Like with me I tend to do contests and reward my team members with personally sponsored affiliates nbsp I want others to succeed and I am willing to help them to get there nbsp You can want to succeed you can want what money can buy and dream the dreams but true success in online work is when you help others to succeed nbsp And then success will follow nbsp When your team succeeds you succeed
Setting Your Goals For Success
Published: 2018-3-04
Everybody should have goals whether it be for business life or even better for both nbsp Goals are something that one wants to achieve in life nbsp Yes you can get through life without setting goals but setting goals make it easier to succeed and attain what we really want in life nbsp Why are goals so important you ask They help us to realize what we want in life so we can take the steps to achieve them nbsp They give us a purpose and a sense of direction nbsp They also give you an idea of what you need to do to move forward Setting goals takes some thinking but is not really hard nbsp You want to think of what you really want your end result to be nbsp This could be business or personal nbsp Some people want to hike the Appalachian Trail from beginning to end nbsp That takes time a few months and some planning nbsp There would be planning involved there nbsp You would be on a trail for months but cannot bring a lot of food at once nbsp Yeah you can wing it for part of it but it would take planning too Now not everybody wants to hike the trail many people want to succeed in life and business tho nbsp First you need to define what success is to you nbsp We all have different ideas on this nbsp For me it is building a successful business and to help others do the same with me After you define what success is to you you will have your main goal nbsp Do not expect it to happen overnight but with hard work you can do it nbsp Break it up into smaller goals with steps to achieve each goal nbsp Then you work your way up to your main goal nbsp Setting your goals is one of the most important things you can do for yourself nbsp Start planning for your success now
Amazing Team Building Contest
Published: 2017-11-09
img border 0 data-original-height 302 data-original-width 400 height 241 src https 3 bp blogspot com -26oaGAlfS7A WgRnShxUg5I AAAAAAAADlc 9KLdyXLzN0cW8cL7H9MRfYEU6fJmrYj gCLcBGAs s320 new 2Bsfi 2Bmeme png width 320 I will be sending out a team mail later today as well but there will be another exciting contest this month nbsp It will be similar to last month s contest where you will be rewarded for logging in and working toward building your business and team nbsp Your success is always very important to me and I will help you every way I can nbsp It does take work but it is worth it when you stick to it and build over time The contest will be simple again and the prizes will be amazing to help you build your business nbsp They will include personally sponsored affiliates PSAs and Tcredits to spend on auctions games or other cool things at TripleClicks nbsp More details will be emailed out in the team email nbsp This is going to be an exciting contest Not on the team yet You can join us here SFI nbsp I am always here for my team whether it be on chat or email I will be there to help you nbsp Note that if you are already an affiliate at SFI you will nbsp not be able to join my team as you will have another sponsor nbsp But if you are not an affiliate joining through this link will put you on my team The fine print This is a work at home opportunity to build your own success as a marketer nbsp It is dependent on many factors and is not an hourly paycheck nbsp The rewards are great but you will have to work for it nbsp By joining through the link you will be an affiliate on my team and I will earn a certain percentage of what you earn and your activities but this will not affect your earnings in any way nbsp I am opted in to what is called OptiBuild which means that 50 of my new affiliates go to other members of my team nbsp Do not be concerned if your sponsor is somebody else on the team nbsp You still may contact me and I am still in your upline nbsp I do this so my team can build their own teams as well so it is a win win for everybody
Wanted People Looking To Succeed
Published: 2017-9-03
img border 0 data-original-height 245 data-original-width 470 height 166 src https 1 bp blogspot com -szZhFGet1GI WawxlGMlzWI AAAAAAAADe8 HbWMU4zVHHEKVcmKszb-9cXBcy oi b ACLcBGAs s320 sfi 2Bmeme jpg width 320 I have now been an affiliate here nbsp since January and I absolutely love it here They have been online since 1998 and the founder has been online even longer so they are a company to work with and not a get rich quick scheme nbsp I am looking for people who want to succeed nbsp I am a believer in teams nbsp If we build teams then nobody gets left behind to fend for themselves nbsp We all build success together nbsp If you join with me on my team I will help you to succeed nbsp It will take work and time there is no quick riches but I will help you if you are willing to put the time in The Internet is a big place and it can be a great place to build your business nbsp But it can also be a bit scary or overwhelming when you are left to do it on your own nbsp SFI has provided us with training and tools that we need to succeed nbsp They really want to see their affiliates succeed nbsp And I do too I only succeed if my team does To join with me and get my support start here SFII will receive notification of you joining with me and will send out your welcome email nbsp You are always welcome to email me with any questions you have along your way to the top Wishing you the best of success
Having Fun While Earning Money Online
Published: 2017-1-15
Last week I had posted about SFI nbsp It is a wonderful opportunity to build a second income and eventually a full time income nbsp Since joining I have won several prizes and have also advanced to Bronze Team Leader over the week time frame nbsp Yes I worked to get here but they do make it easier when you apply the effort to succeed There are different ways to earn money here at SFI nbsp It is a very supportive site to be a part of nbsp There is an active community where you can post things in the forum and people will answer you nbsp Of course if you join with me I will be here to help you as well with a simple email or chat through SFI chat It s really amazing what they do to help everybody succeed nbsp Seriously they have a lot of tools you will need to succeed nbsp And if you have money to invest because you are not good at recruiting they have advertising co ops as well nbsp I have thought about setting up a couple with my team tho I have not yet nbsp I am working on setting up a great team with the desire to earn money from their business We have a company that allows you to sign up for free with no obligation to purchase anything purchasing helps you advance faster but not at all required nbsp There is free training and always sponsor support nbsp What more can you ask for in a business that is 19 years old and still going strong right But there is more nbsp I have fun playing games too nbsp I have won at the TripleClicks version of black jack called ZackJack nbsp I also won free credits for bidding at the online auction site they have while playing Card King nbsp They understand that if the affiliates are not successful they will not be successful nbsp And they have been offering many tools and support to help us succeed which is how they have been successful for 19 years So far this company is a big winner here with me
Earn A Second Income Working At Home
Published: 2017-1-12
For years I have been testing various work at home companies and for a while I was dormant on my blog because I always have to make sure it is a legitimate way to earn money nbsp For a while I hadn t seen any that was really worth mentioning but now I would like to talk about a company that has been around for 19 years SFI nbsp is a company that I started to really work with this month and I have seen so many positive things nbsp I was seeing a lot of good things about SFI and I decided to jump on board and try it out nbsp I am very excited about them as a company nbsp They make it easy to succeed really You do have to work but they provide a lot of valuable resources to help us succeed I am looking for people who would like to join my team nbsp Are you motivated and looking to succeed Let s do this together You do have to put work in this is not a sit and do nothing kind of income nbsp The work is not complicated and you can have fun with it - even play games and compete in contests nbsp Tho there will be some work involved too not just games nbsp It is free to sign up and there is no obligation to spend money in order to earn nbsp It is not a get rich quick kind of thing either nbsp If you are interested in joining my team and ready to commit to putting work in to earn online please join me here - SFI nbsp We can work together as a team and by joining through my affiliate link I would be your sponsor so I will be able to help you nbsp I look forward to being able to working together
Easy Work At Home Writing Opportunity
Published: 2013-6-20
Just an important update here Bubblews was a legit site that had paid me a few times but they are no longer here nbsp They did close down for whatever their reason was tho I am guessing it was hard to keep up with scamsters and the way the advertising was working nbsp Sorry but they are no longer a place to write Looking for a new and great work at home opportunity Yes this is completely free to join no upgrades at all nbsp It is a writing opportunity but not like the freelance sites that you write specific articles for a client nbsp This is a work at home writing opportunity that is quite easy and the articles are your choice The name of the site is Bubblews nbsp and it is a fun site to work on It is a bit different from the rest as it pays you for any pageview comment or like your content gets nbsp You write a minimum of 400 characters in a post and you get 1 penny for every unique view comment or like that it gets nbsp I know you are think 1 penny isn t a lot but other sites don t pay this well for the pageviews nbsp If your article gets 2000 views then it is 20 nbsp Not bad at all There are rules to follow and they are very strict about these rules nbsp If you violate them you will not get paid It is easy to follow tho and the rules just help to keep it a legit and great site nbsp I joined Bubblews a few days ago and have been working on it today and yesterday nbsp It is a little bit addicting really You can connect with other users and read their content nbsp Don t ask them to connect back and don t ask anybody to like your post nbsp Likes comments and connections must be on the readers own will nbsp But you will find people connect with you and will read your content once you start reading other people s content nbsp It is a friendly community of people Some of the basic rules are No more then 10 articles in a 24 hour periodNo liking your own articles or abusing the like systemContent should be your own content nbsp Must be at least 400 characters nbsp No affiliate or marketing links in your posts but citing a resource for some info is okNo asking for people to connect or like your post and no groups where you exchange likes or connections nbsp Those are the basic rules that I have taken note of so far nbsp It really is easy to follow the rules on Bubblews and to have a good time nbsp There are good and bad reviews of the site but I have found that many of the bad reviews were from somebody who didn t follow the rules so it is not the site to blame Payout minimum is 25 and there are a couple methods to be paid nbsp You can request payment through Paypal or check but I am not sure of all the methods nbsp You can write about many things and you can watch your earnings grow here nbsp Have some fun and try this excellent work at home opportunity Join Bubblews free today
Seven Must-Have Apps For Freelancers
Published: 2013-5-02
Freelancers are their own administrative assistant accountant negotiator editor and marketer It s not easy working for yourself but there are resources out there to help make your freelance career a bit less hectic and a far more organized Apps can help you to manage your time and resources wisely by aggregating many of the tools a larger organization has at its disposal into your own personal device of choice Here are a few must-have apps for the seasoned or new freelancer MyPrice MyPrice is one of the best applications to have on your phone if you re a freelancer Period The application is a great tool for estimating your hourly and project rate as a freelancer It bases its estimations off of your experience skills expenses and what type of project you re working on It also aggregates great freelancing tips and job opportunities NeverLate NeverLate is an excellent and free replacement for the default iOS calendar application The app is particularly useful to freelancers because is specializes in business meetings and events by tying into your LinkedIn Evernote and iOS accounts It centralizes meeting and event information and can instantly update locations times relevant notes and discover who will be at a particular meeting even if you haven t met them in person before It also features traffic tracking and will give you an estimate of when you need to leave a given spot to make a meeting even if the traffic situation changes Dropbox Dropbox is an essential cloud-based file-sharing platform for freelancers and full-timers alike Regardless of content videos photos audio text or otherwise Dropbox lets users share their work in a quick and easy manner Users get two gigabytes to begin with but photo or multimedia freelancers can find subscriptions up to 100 GB available 30 30 Focus doesn t come easy especially today That s where 30 30 steps in 30 30 is a simple timer application which can help keep you focused on the task at hand and to build up solid workflow The application lets users create multiple timed lists outline and modify the order of tasks and just turn their phone or tablet into a productivity-focused timer Mint Mint is a fantastic and secure financial tracking application which allows users to set budgets and budget notifications keep track of personal and business related expenses and get solid financial advice catered to their financial background Mint is a part of Intuit the folks who bring you Turbo-Tax and is free Evernote Evernote is the go-to note-taking application It s versatile easy to use and is an incredibly well thought-out knowledge retainer Find an article you d like to quote cite or use for later Use Evernote s web clipper and you can bring that information into the corresponding folder complete with recommended tags and have instant access to that clip nearly anywhere in the world Google Let s face it if you re using the Internet for any sort of basic research you re likely using Google If you telecommute and collaborate with clients you re likely going doing it through Gmail or Google Docs And there s nothing wrong with that Google has some excellent services to offer freelancers from keeping track of who visits your website to video conferencing over Google Hangout Google s calendar offering too is an essential application to keep track of multiple contracts and dates and those calendars can easily be shared between G Cal and third-party applications like Sunrise Is using Google and its products necessary in every case No but you ought to familiarize yourself with the Internet giant s layout because rest assured you ll be using one or more of their products somewhere down the line John Gower is an analyst for NerdWallet a website dedicated to helping people find the best CD rates checking accounts credit cards and more for their business or personal needs
Top 10 Time Saving Tools For The Freelancer
Published: 2013-4-12
The Internet has made running your own show a lot easier As a freelancer you re likely to encounter problems that if you were the CEO of a large company would probably be dealt with by your subordinates However as a one-man band you have to deal with the nitty-gritty as well as dedicate the time to actually running your business Thankfully whatever your problem someone has already created a solution to it Let s take a look at the top 10 time-saving tools available to freelancers 1 QuickBooks This is the most popular bookkeeping software in the world and is used by over 4 5 million companies Accounting is one the most time-consuming yet vital aspects of business management However bookkeeping software can turn a time-expensive process into an automated process that virtually looks after itself There s no need for any accounting experience and the software will merge with practically any platform Check out Intuit UK for more details 2 LogMeIn This is perfect for freelancers who spend a lot of time doing onsite work for their clients but occasionally need to use their computers LogMeIn is an app that allows you to log into your home computer through a browser and control it remotely You may have encountered versions of this when seeking technical support online You don t have to be in your home to get hold of that important document using this service you can get hold of it wherever you happen to be 3 SwitchRates A lot of time can be wasted on trying to work out just how much you ought to charge for your services SwitchRates is an online conversion calculator that does it all for you It works out the annual cost of running your business your personal costs how many hours you can charge for and how much profit you d like to make before coming up with an hourly rate A great tool for freelancers who are striking out for the first time and haven t yet decided their worth 4 GoToMeeting In the early days of business travel can cost and the time could be better spent elsewhere You have to pay for this service but compared to the financial and hourly cost of train travel or flights it practically pays for itself Essentially this software allows you to organize online conference calls with the minimum of fuss 5 Google Documents Unlike Microsoft Word and Excel this software is free and does the job with equal finesse You can access and view spreadsheets and documents using Google s service and even convert them back into Excel and Word if those are the platforms your clients are using 6 Lino It Time is often lost through the process of sticking post-its to computer screens or work surfaces In an untidy office these things run as much risk of getting lost as anything else However if you like the scatty approach then why not do it online Lino It gives you a virtual cork board and sticky notes that will never fall off or accidentally get hovered up 7 Todoist The most successful businesses run on lists Todoist allows you to make that list online and will even send you reminders about important events and dates You can use it as broadly or as specifically as you want even to the point where you can create an hour by hour schedule complete with notifications and alerts 8 Toggl This piece of software is like a virtual egg-timer that will tell you how much you communicate with each of your clients It will record the length of phone calls and the frequency of emails so you can manage your time that much better 9 MindMeister Brainstorming doesn t have to come to a halt even if your soundboarding partner is miles away MindMeister creates online maps of ideas and how they link together however tangentially Brilliant for those ideas you might want to revisit at a later date 10 BaseCamp This is a project management tool that breaks all the constituent parts and participants in a project down into categories and columns Using this you can get an instant snapshot of who s supposed to be doing what and by when Project management can be extremely time-sensitive so make the most of the time you have Special thanks to JonJon Yeung a freelance writer for writing this informative guest post for us
Work At Home Customer Service Agent Position Now Hiring
Published: 2013-3-22
Pleio GoodStart is looking for customer service agents who are looking to work at home nbsp They provide a complimentary service to help people manage their medications better by getting them on a routine This is a contract position and agents will get paid per calls made averaging up to 16- 18 an hour nbsp This is a work at home position no commute to the office nbsp It is a legitimate contract position with guaranteed work making call center calls it is not based on sales Some of the requirements to begin working at home with Pleio Must be 18 years or olderUS citizens only please as this is a service in the USMust be able to speak EnglishYou need to be willing to put in at least 16 hours of work at weekThe position requires a land line phone and an Internet connection with a speed of DSL or Cable or higherOnce you complete your training and are already making calls there will be a background check done which will cost 20This is perfect for people who care about helping others and are looking to work at home while improving the lives of others For more information and to apply nbsp http www goodstartu infoI am not an affiliate so there is no compensation for anybody applying to work here nbsp I am just sharing a great opportunity with a legitimate company
A Zen Approach To Success Using Feng Shui For Your Home Office
Published: 2013-3-17
Feng shui the Chinese system of orienting buildings to improve life andproductivity is often incorporated into many of today s most high-profile officespaces But you can exercise these same principles to create a home office of yourown arranging your workspace for the greatest chance at happiness and success Find Your SpotFeng Shui teaches that the energy in a home flows from the front door and spreadsitself upward throughout the house Therefore the ideal space for your home officeshould be relatively close to the front door on the same floor as the entrance or ahigher floor never in a basement or subterranean level Keep A LookoutPlace your desk in a position that directly faces the door not a wall or window Forbest positioning try the farthest corner of the room allowing you to see everythingin your new home office Positioning yourself to see who enters will prepare you forbusiness to come your way In Your ElementThe basic teachings of feng shui include five essential elements earth fire metal water and wood Together they work in congress to create a positive Chi or energyflow For best results incorporate all five into your office while emphasizing theelement that best corresponds to your job or personality WoodFor inspiration add wood the element that symbolizes loyalty and creativity Any wooden object even your desk or the floor will serve this requirement Thecolors green and brown also symbolize this element and are often recommendedfor people in investment or law For best results position the wood in your office seastern corner FireFor productivity add fire Fire is considered the most powerful of the elements aggressive and passionate Fire symbolizes energy and must be used to encourageproductivity in your office Red is the color most associated with this element and isrecommended especially for artists and therapists For best results place your fireelement in the southern corner of the room EarthFor balance and stability add earth the element that lays the groundwork forbuilding and strengthening relationships Earth tones like light browns and orangesbest represent this element and these colors are great for lawyers and accountants serving to promote wealth and concentration Materials made of clay or ceramic willalso satisfy this element which should be placed in the center of your office MetalFor money add metal the symbol for harvest and financial success Silver or goldcolors will embody this element and items made of gold copper or silver willfurther serve to increase your results Metal should be placed in the western cornerof your office Despite your desire for financial gain don t overdo this element Toomuch of any element can throw your office into disharmony WaterFor help in communication add water the essential element of communicationand opportunities Water flows free and serves to promote networking travel andwisdom Blue and black are water s best colors and are often used in the office of anacademic to promote concentration Lawyers and doctors should also utilize theseelements to enhance trust Water items that may be added to your office includemirrors small fountains or even a fish bowl Always place water in the northerncorner of your workspace With a little bit of reorganizing and thought any home office can be turned into aproductive and balanced space Angie Picardo is a staff writer for NerdWallet Her mission is to help consumersachieve financial Zen with NerdWallet
Top 5 Work At Home Freelance Sites
Published: 2012-7-27
There are many different freelance sites that allow you to work at home nbsp Many of the sites out there are for various tasks from writing to web design nbsp I have been finding many of the writing sites now are offering the service way too cheap nbsp It is not fair to the writer and people should know that you have options when looking to work at home as a freelancer Now of course there are many sites and there are also sites that I do not know anything about yet nbsp So I am not saying these are the only sites that are worth the time this is my top work at home freelance site list I choose these by the ease of use the legitimacy of the site and how well they pay compared to some sites nbsp If you have some legit sites that pay well feel free to leave them in the comments just do not spam us nbsp It must be a legit site and pay well for work at home it must also be a freelance site and not a get paid to promote kind of site - thank you Top 5 Work at Home Freelance Sites Elance nbsp Elance com is a great place for people who are looking to work at home nbsp They are a site that you bid on jobs but the variety of jobs available is excellent You don t have to be a writer there are people looking for many different freelancers to do various tasks nbsp You can bid on hourly work at home jobs that are long term short term or jobs that pay per project and not hourly nbsp There is a wide variety nbsp This is free to use and look for work tho there is an upgrade I remained free member nbsp You will have to look for higher paying jobs or you may even have to do a couple lower paying jobs to build up reputation nbsp There are higher paying jobs tho once you get yourself a reputation oDesk nbsp oDesk com is similar to Elance where you can bid for a project nbsp You can find hourly work at home jobs which pay weekly or you can bid for pay per project jobs nbsp There is a variety of tasks that you will find here also nbsp You can find many jobs other then writing jobs nbsp This too is free to find work People Per Hour nbsp is similar to oDesk and Elance where you can find hourly work or you can find pay per project nbsp The difference with this site is that as a freelancer you can post your services nbsp You can post what you will do and add a price nbsp For example I will write an article 500 words for 35 nbsp That is just an example there are many things you can do and add on the site Constant Content nbsp is more for article writing nbsp This is a great site and the editors are a bit strict they will make you revise any articles that have mistakes but once accepted your article will be listed for sale on their site nbsp You write an article you want to write and the amount of words you would like nbsp You also set the rate for the article and people can buy usage or pay more for full rights nbsp Great site for article writers Ghostbloggers nbsp is a new find for me nbsp Great site tho This is for article writers too and is similar to Constant Content nbsp You write the article and submit it to the site nbsp Once the editors approve it the article goes up for sale on their site nbsp You can pick the topic amount of words and also set the price nbsp With Ghostbloggers site you are only allowed to sell the article once instead of usages like Constant Content There are the top 5 work at home freelance sites that I have found and used nbsp I am sure there are others on the Internet but these are the ones I find to be the best out of the ones I have tried These links all go to the companies homepage and they are not affiliate links nbsp I was not compensated to share these sites with you they are my honest opinion
Is IWriter Worth Writing For
Published: 2012-7-25
img alt Thin Client border 0 class zemanta-img-inserted height 180 src http farm5 static flickr com 4104 4986543660 937dfa52a2 m jpg style border none font-size 0 8em width 240 Thin Client Photo credit ryan2point0 IWriter is a site that offers clients a cheap way to get articles for their sites and also allows freelancers to work at home nbsp I have written there and occasionally I will login there but I am not going to recommend it anymore nbsp I know I have mentioned it in the past as being a site to earn a little money little at it s best but I do not even recommend it now There are a few reasons why I don t think iWriter is a good site nbsp First I would like to say they are legit not a scam but they favor the clients and not the writers nbsp When I first joined iWriter I was lucky enough to find the decent clients that accepted my articles nbsp It is not very motivating to write an article for as cheap as 1 01 believe me nbsp But I figured that I would work at achieving elite status so I could see if it was worth being there and if it was good for writers to work at home nbsp I did mention it in the past only because it is legit and they have paid me not because I made a lot there There are many options for people looking to work at home and I will be adding a list within the next day or two of all the best legit work at home freelance sites nbsp Let s do a breakdown of why I don t believe this to be a site worth using if you intend on working at home Advertising Their Cheap LaborIWriter pays very little offering clients some dirt cheap articles nbsp They advertise on their homepage that you can purchase an article for as little as 1 25 nbsp Yes this true and guess what the writer doesn t make that whole amount either nbsp I am sorry but I can t stand behind this nbsp Advertising the cheap labor like this is not something that sits well with me nbsp When you work at home as a freelancer you should be making more then this nbsp And for them to state on the homepage about the cheap labor only encourages clients that are looking for perfect work done dirt cheap Cheap Clients Expect the Perfect ArticleI notice that the clients there that are looking for this cheap labor are looking for the most perfect article that 100 would buy you nbsp I am sorry and I do put in my best work for every article I write nbsp but you are not going to get a writer to spend hours of research and writing for 1 00 nbsp That just won t happen and should not be expected to happen I made it to elite status within my first 30 reviews nbsp To be elite you need to have a rating of 4 6 and have 30 reviews nbsp Ok I made it there right away as I did find a couple clients who did appreciate my work nbsp Note that I was putting in a great effort for this little pay to see if this was going to be a paying site to recommend on my work at home blog nbsp I did not write here to support the low pay but figured if you can make decent pay at elite I would recommend it As soon as I got elite status I started getting rejected for every article nbsp Seriously 1 article was accepted after reaching elite nbsp And then I was knocked down to premium nbsp I had written 2 articles for a client that had 3 articles posted nbsp Another writer wrote the 3rd article nbsp 1 article was accepted and the client left a great review stating great job and big tip for the writer nbsp No tip was left either nbsp The other article I wrote for the client out of the batch of 3 requested was rejected with a 3 star review stating that it was nbsp a great article but that they already had what they needed and thought they cancelled request nbsp So here I took an hour out of my time and did a great article and they decided they didn t need it nbsp Also stated that they were giving a big tip again but again no tip was left nbsp That was the end of my elite with that rejection As premium I had more rejections nbsp Often times the client tells you what they want you write what they want and they still reject it nbsp They leave a review with a bad rating stating that they were looking for something totally different from what they had in their instructions nbsp These clients are more then welcome and also encouraged not to pay for an article they do not want When I have written articles for clients not through iWriter that were 40 an article they didn t expect the world nbsp If they wanted something reworded they told me nicely nbsp Cheap clients are more demanding and will try to get out of paying especially when encouraged to do so like at iWriter Clients are the Ones Who Rate and Review YouThe same clients who are demanding the world for a cheap price are the ones that rate you nbsp I have got some very bad reviews that were completely inaccurate nbsp This leads back to the client asking for something in the instructions and then rejects it stating that they didn t want this or that they asked for something else nbsp That is what I thought was the most irritating I can handle rejection and I know that I am not a perfect article writer but when you lie about what you wanted in my review to make me look bad because you didn t want to pay for an article - I have a problem with that nbsp And again iWriter encourages clients not to pay for articles they don t want Is iWriter Worth Writing For I would have to say no nbsp I don t even like the concept of buying articles from there after seeing how some of the writers get treated nbsp There are much better places for freelancers to work at home writing articles nbsp I cannot agree with the way that writers are treated here If you are looking to work at home as a freelancer I will be posting sites that pay better and treat their contractors better within the next couple days nbsp I am working on compiling the list today This is all based on my experience nbsp I was not paid to review them or write any of this just looking out for my readers Related articles img src http i zemanta com 98515603 80 80 jpg style border 0 box-shadow 1px 1px 3px 999 margin 0 padding 0 width 80 How Can I Make Money Writing at Home img src http i zemanta com 96626265 80 80 jpg style border 0 box-shadow 1px 1px 3px 999 margin 0 padding 0 width 80 5 Minimalist Writing Applications Which One Actually Helps You Write Better img alt Enhanced by Zemanta class zemanta-pixie-img src http img zemanta com zemified e png x-id fcf02a46-20d2-4f2b-8690-28ac56a86794 style border none float right
No More Wednesday s Online Business Mistakes For Now
Published: 2012-6-06
Hello everybody hope we are all having a wonderful week with our work at home adventures I am sorry to announce that at the moment there will be no more Wednesday s Online Business Mistakes nbsp Mainly because I covered most of the mistakes I can think of for the moment nbsp I am open to ideas if anybody would like to share any mistakes they have made or have seen others make nbsp You are welcome to email me and if you would like to do a guest post with an author s bio about a mistake or if you would like to share a mistake and have me post it I can credit you for the idea We will continue to offer work at home advice here on Dawn s Work at Home Blog I am just not going to be posting a mistake every Wednesday for now
London Prepares For Remote Working
Published: 2012-5-21
img border 0 src https 1 bp blogspot com -M6mGPttfbxE T7qMM3V4BmI AAAAAAAAAdU xNWrgSo41FU s1600 London jpg As London prepares to receive the Olympic torch the capital s businesses are preparing to put business practises in place which should help to ensure that commerce and public transport will not grind to a halt during the games Image Ell BrownLondon s top financial firms particularly those based in East London have been encouraged by the Cabinet to implement remote and flexible working practises to alleviate travel congestion during the Olympics The transport network is expected to be flooded with excited tourists so to ensure that businesses continue to function over the summer many are implementing new work procedures including remote working staggered starting times and flexi-time The transport authorities in London want to reduce the number of commuters using public transportation during the Games by 30 per cent They hope this will help to ensure that the transport network can cope with the massive influx of visitors It means more remote working and altered shift patterns for many of London s professionals Companies based in Canary Wharf are likely to be most impacted as it is just three miles from the Olympic Park img border 0 height 201 src https 4 bp blogspot com -AHej2tcWoOs T7qMwL2GfZI AAAAAAAAAdc F5uE14xxtIA s320 snooze jpg width 320 Image barkBut it s not just financial firms who are gearing up many civil servants are also being encouraged to work remotely during the games It led to the Daily Mail accusing civil servants of receiving a gold medal for skiving for being allowed to telecommute for the summer There were also concerns from some business leaders about the amount of useful work which can be done by civil servants under the policy Despite the evidence that remote working can boost productivity for many individuals many are sceptical about it concerned that it will have a negative impact on the country Research by the Trade Union Congress has found that there s been a 25 per cent increase in the number of people working from home over the last ten years to 3 8 million The TUC has been urging business to trial new working practises including flexi-time remote working and working from home The research also revealed that 20 per cent of those who are not permitted to work from home would like to do so Despite technological advances and the evidence that remote working is more productive employers are still reluctant in trusting their workers The Olympics is a great opportunity for employers in the capital to implement flexible and remote working practises Specially designed hardware and software is available to allow managers to accurately monitor home workers as well as to communicate with the team and provide access to up-to-date documents and data Alan Cairns writes on a number of subjects including project management and mobile workforce management
Wednesday s Online Business Mistake - Keep Your Business Real
Published: 2012-5-16
Happy Wednesday It is time for another Wednesday s Online Business Mistake nbsp Today i would like to talk about keeping your business real nbsp This can be for any business whether you work at home or run an offline business nbsp I thought of this one after a recent wake-up call from my ex wireless phone carrier nbsp Yes I just made the switch from Verizon I was with them for 10 years and realized that I had enough nbsp They do not treat their customers like they value them nbsp They act more like they are the biggest phone carrier and you will deal with them nbsp That is the vibe I have got from them over the last 10 years of being a high paying customer who had never been shut off Now with keeping it real I mean a few things nbsp If it is a work at home business make sure it is a real business nbsp Don t be scamming people with any work at home scams nbsp Many online businesses are legit and a work at home business can be for real nbsp This is not the main point that I was reaching with this topic but it is a good point of keeping it real I will use the example of phone companies for the main point nbsp When I say keep it real I mean to keep it simple and make sure you do not get high and mighty nbsp As I said I was a Verizon customer for 20 years nbsp I noticed that they have got worse over the years nbsp First they used to make sure their equipment would work properly they also had competitive rates nbsp Now it seems that it is not their problem if equipment is not working nbsp They will not drop the service fees for whatever service is broken on your phone tho nbsp So now you are paying for something you can t even use nbsp I have experienced this a few times over the years They keep upping the rates of things and figure that people will just pay that because they are a big company nbsp Well the competitor has better service will make sure your equipment works and also works with you to make sure that your bill is going to be where you can afford it nbsp They talk you into staying with a certain package by upping the price and letting you know that if you drop the service now you will pay more later as the price went up There is so much of a bad experience I have had with them tho they are not all bad nbsp I am not trying to bash them I have had good experiences with them in the past nbsp It just seems that the bigger they grow the more they seem to think that people will just deal with it because they are the big company Whether you have an offline business or a work at home business do not let this happen to your business nbsp Keep it real and keep it competitive nbsp Don t get the mentality that your business is too big for people to not do business with nbsp There are always competitors no matter what business you run nbsp Keep your work at home online or offline business real and you will have success nbsp Customers would rather be treated as customers then they would as just having to deal with you
Wednesday s Online Business Mistake - Disclosure On Site
Published: 2012-5-09
Happy Wednesday Time for another Wednesday s Online Business Mistake nbsp Today I am going to keep it real simple nbsp It is not a mistake that I made but many people who work at home as an affiliate are making nbsp This is something that can get people in legal trouble and this is adding a disclosure In 2009 the government started to require an affiliate disclosure in all emails promoting stuff and or websites that are promoting anything nbsp It doesn t matter if the product is work at home related if you are an affiliate of any product you need to have a disclosure nbsp I had mine up on Dawn s Work at Home Blog since 2009 as soon as I heard about this nbsp I don t add it to every post but I also do not earn a commission on most of the information that I share or recommend nbsp It is in the sidebar of my blog and has been there since 2009 This disclosure is supposed to be on your site in a post where you are going to be compensated for sales or in any emails that you are promoting a product nbsp So if you work at home as an affiliate you need to have this disclosure so you do not get into legal trouble nbsp How do you know if you need a disclosure This is easy nbsp If you are going to earn any kind of commission when somebody buys the product that you are recommending you need to disclose that you will earn the commission nbsp If you are doing a paid review you need to let them know that it was a review sponsored by the product or company nbsp You should note with a review that the opinions are yours but it was sponsored by the company Many people do have the disclosures but I have seen many people who do not nbsp If you work at home as an affiliate or are affiliated with any company you need to disclose this nbsp There can be legal action taken if you do not Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week
Wednesday s Online Business Mistake - Taking Advice
Published: 2012-5-02
Happy Wednesday Time for another Wednesday s Online Business Mistake nbsp Today I would like to talk about taking advice nbsp When you work at home you will see so much information about working at home from so many people nbsp Yeah I know you have to be careful not to buy every guru s book I don t encourage you to run out and buy everything that will supposedly make you money online nbsp I also do not think you should run out and buy everything that says it will make your business grow nbsp So please do not think that is what I am going to tell you here Much of the best advice about working at home or running an online business is free not all but you can get a lot of useful information free nbsp My mistake here was not listening to some of the bloggers and other people who are really making money working at home nbsp I mean people who really are and not just saying they are to get a sale or a referral nbsp Bloggers like Darren Rowse at Problogger net know what they are talking about and doing these are the kind of people that I should have taken work at home and blogging advice from in the beginning nbsp He is really making money not just saying he is in a quick sales pitch nbsp I love his blog and the advice he gives out nbsp I like to learn more I learn everyday from other bloggers and others who work at home still but in the beginning it would have helped if I didn t brush the advice aside nbsp Some of it I figured I could do without or oh my blog is different I don t need to do that nbsp Granted I did learn a lot since I first started blogging in 2007 but if I had listened to the right people not buying crappy information products I would have been more successful early on nbsp Live and learn and yes - I have been learning from my mistakes nbsp Long story short If you find somebody reputable somebody that is not just trying to sell you a work at home opportunity or scam listen to their advice nbsp Chances are they are sharing tips that helped them be what they are today This goes for any business not just work at home businesses nbsp Don t run out and buy the latest and greatest opportunity listen to the people who really know what they are doing Hope you are having a wonderful week
Work At Home Writing For IWriter
Published: 2012-5-01
I have been on iWriter com for a while now as a test to see how well it works nbsp iWriter com is a website where you work at home writing articles for clients and after they accept your articles you get paid for it nbsp There has been a lot of people saying that you won t make much money at this site so I had to test it out nbsp Can you really make money with them The answer is yes you can make money with iWriter nbsp When you first start out you will not be making as much as you will be a standard writer and the pay is quite low for standard articles nbsp You will be able to advance to Elite status once you have at least 30 ratings on your account and your average rating is 4 6 stars or higher nbsp Premium is an average of 4 stars after 30 ratings nbsp This allows you to earn more money per article nbsp When you write for them you do all of your work at home There is no test to start writing but I recommend you do your best to have correct spelling and good grammar or you will not get good ratings nbsp Ratings are given by clients not the site nbsp There are a couple clients that are not specific with instructions and will give you a low rating if you do not realize they really meant something other then what they stated but overall many of the clients are great to work with nbsp Just be careful if you write for somebody that has a lot of negative comments in their rating feedback nbsp Not saying they are bad to write for just be careful I have had to email their customer support and have received a response within 24 hours so they are dedicated to working with the writers and the clients nbsp They are free to join and write they take a certain percentage of each article you write nbsp This is taken off before you see the writer s earnings next to the article so what you see for the earnings is what you will get Another great thing about them is that you can choose to be paid every week nbsp They have a few options for payments nbsp You can choose every Tuesday twice a month or even once a month nbsp You just have to have at least 20 in your account to receive payout nbsp If you select every Tuesday as long as you have 20 in your account your payment will be in your Paypal account early Tuesday morning- Eastern Standard Time nbsp Mine is usually in my account by 2 AM nbsp Many sites that allow you work at home writing articles do not pay out every week I am not compensated for sharing this with you they do not have an affiliate program nbsp It is a legit work at home site and they do really pay nbsp I have found them to be a reliable place to write and earn money for articles nbsp They may not pay as well as some other places but they are a place to earn quick money and get paid weekly
Wednesday s Online Business Mistake-Customer And Reader Feedback
Published: 2012-4-25
Happy Wednesday Hope everybody is having a wonderful week nbsp I have a simple topic this week for our Wednesday s Online Business Mistake nbsp I would like to talk about feedback nbsp Yes this is very important and I know I took feedback the wrong way when I first started nbsp This can be for business blogging working online or just about anybody Feedback is when the customer or reader leaves you their opinions nbsp I get a lot of people leaving me their opinions nbsp Many people leave nice opinions some people leave their opinions that do not agree with me and some people leave nasty opinions nbsp I used to take the nasty opinions way too harsh nbsp Learning that you can t always please everybody but to try to please the majority will help you succeed with your online business or any business When I say nasty opinions let me be clear I am not talking about people who do not agree with me nbsp We all have opinions and it would be boring if we all agreed nbsp So when I say nasty I mean that they would be downright mean to me nbsp I do not let them bother now tho On the other hand when you are working online or offline with your business you should take all feedback into some consideration nbsp Some people have opinions that are really awesome ideas that would really help you in your work at home adventures Some opinions may not help but are honest opinions whether you agree or not nbsp Now I always value all feedback from my readers nbsp If it is too negative as in nasty it will be deleted I won t tolerate any disrespect toward me or anybody else nbsp But most often you guys and gals all leave me helpful comments and emails nbsp At least they are friendly and I do take all feedback into consideration nbsp I do not take nasty feedback personally anymore Just remember that while working at home or running any business you will see good bad and ugly feedback nbsp Don t let anybody get to you personally and please do consider everybody s feedback nbsp You never know they may give you the best advice to take your business further nbsp Feedback can also help you get to know your readers and customers needs wants and likes
Wednesday s Online Business Mistake-Being An Expert
Published: 2012-4-18
Happy Wednesday everybody In today s Wednesday s Online Business Mistake I am going to talk about a mistake that I know many people make when first starting out nbsp It is about being an expert nbsp Sure we all want to be an expert at something but expert is a term being used to often now when you read about working online Many people claim to be an Internet Marketing Expert or a Social Media Expert but to be an expert it takes time and skill nbsp You will also see many people who claim to be an expert on working online or business nbsp Some people claim this just to sound like the expert you should pay or buy from nbsp This is a shame but it is so true To be an expert you need to have experience nbsp You cannot decide one day to start working online and push a business by claiming you are an expert in your field or business nbsp You need to learn a lot about it nbsp You also need to be in the business for a while with some real experience nbsp I thought I was an expert at one time a while back nbsp I didn t brag to everybody or do it to try to make a sale but I thought I was enough of an expert to say I was nbsp Truth is after working online for 6 years now I am not an expert I can give a lot of advice I have a lot of experience to share but I do not consider myself an expert anymore nbsp There is still more to do and more to learn as the Internet changes everyday nbsp I am not selling myself short here I know a lot and have experienced a lot nbsp I have experienced enough to write books about working online but I do not have as much experience as some If you want to reach expert study what there is to know about your business or niche nbsp If working online is what you would like to be an expert at make sure you do it for quite some time before saying you are an expert nbsp Make sure you learn all you can and test this knowledge out nbsp Of course you should grow your skills and jump into what you are dreaming of doing but don t use the expert label until you have mastered the skills When you say you are an expert people will hold you to it if they believe you when you say you are nbsp They will expect you to know exactly what you are talking about and know exactly how to help them nbsp This will be your reputation that will be affected if you let your customers down when they believe in you Push to be an expert but do not use the title until you know the ins and outs of your business Hope you have a wonderful day img alt Enhanced by Zemanta class zemanta-pixie-img src http img zemanta com zemified e png x-id d0346703-4d1b-400e-9f74-82d2ae0a6223 style border none float right