Balance And Power with Eileen Lichtenstein

Balance Spontaneity With Intuition
Published: 2018-12-08
Finding the balance of spontaneity with intuition helps us make choices that benefit our lives Notice when you are feeling impulsive or spontaneous and then ask yourself Will this really benefit me The answer comes in the form of a verbal response or simply an instinctual feeling Try to pay attention to your feeling that 8230
Want Better Business Connections Conversations And Collaborations
Published: 2018-12-07
Peers On Demand Group for C-Level Executives Want better Business Connections Conversations and Collaborations Get results from an online Peer Group led by Rocky Romero and Eileen Lichtenstein Peak Performance Success Life and Career Coach Leadership 38 C-Level Executive Coaching When Tue Dec 11 2018 11 00am to 12noon EST Discover how a peer advisory group assists you in making better business decisions 8230
Mindfulness In Strategic Thinking Leadership And Company Culture
Published: 2018-12-01
Research provides evidence that mindfulness practice can transform our lives as individuals impacting us both personally and professionally The benefits of mindfulness practice can include Improved stress management skills Improved cognitive function Increased creativity Improved decision-making Increased focus Improved health Improved wellbeing and life satisfaction Increased resilience And more Become a more mindful leader through 8230
DeStress Tips IV
Published: 2018-12-01
DeStress Tip Love yourself and make loving the primary expression of your life http ow ly GfJ0B DeStress Tip Listen to Moving Meditation Fitness These are two sections of an audio program that I produced in http fb me 1UzqaDvjh DeStress Tip When you feel stress or anxiety try to replicate a time when you felt calm http ow ly GfIm9 DeStress Tip Be OK with changing 8230
Do You Have Enough Fun
Published: 2018-11-26
Do you have enough fun and play I m not talking about electronic games- or sex When you play tennis golf scrabble bike walk ball surf are you having fun In 8220 the zone 8221 Are you smiling and laughing along with laser focus or perhaps no thoughts at all Give yourself permission to have fun It s healthy 8230
Published: 2018-11-25
When you are feeling unfocused you may find it difficult to make decisions or hone in on what you hope to achieve If you can effectively focus on a single topic no matter how mundane or uncomplicated you may discover that your concentration improves for more important topics-tasks Try concentrating the on a single simple 8230
Shifting The Flow To Find Joy
Published: 2018-11-24
We can find joy in the chores and tasks we don 8217 t especially like 8211 sometimes all we need is a change of attitude a different approach a little music or some help from friends or family and the tasks or responsibilities that we perceive as tedious ie washing dishes fixing the car cleaning a closet 8230
Is Your Anger Working
Published: 2018-11-18
Anger is a natural human emotion Is my anger working for me is a question you can ask yourself When anger is mild and infrequent is expressed assertively directly to the problem person in a non-accusatory manner and without aggression and the individual is able to let it go quickly then anger may serve the 8230
Less Stress For The Holidays And Beyond Eileen s Interview Livestreamed Weds 11 14 3 30PM ET The Andy Rosner Show
Published: 2018-11-11
Eileen Lichtenstein CEO of Balance and Power Inc a Peak Performance Success Coach who empowers organizations and individuals to SOAR to new heights of happiness and productivity will be a guest on The Andy Rosner Show When Wednesday November 14 2018 at 3 30 PM EST Where The show will be livestreamed on The Village Connection Network channel on You 8230
Balance Power Inc Newsletter
Published: 2018-11-06
Patience Tolerance 38 Assertiveness for the Holidays Three personal characteristics to be especially aware of in our fast paced times patience tolerance assertiveness- especially this Holiday season 8211 and beyond Frustration tipping point Do you need a patience tune-up One common denominator among my anger management clients is impatience Impatience is more prevalent these days as 8230