Balance And Power with Eileen Lichtenstein

EFT Tapping To Fully Release Old Beliefs
Published: 2018-5-24
Next time you get angry or frustrated don 8217 t focus on your circumstances Ask yourself what belief about the circumstances you are clinging to And think about how that might be incorrect or not useful Everyone sees things from their own lens 8230 you may want to try to reframe and learn EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques tapping to release 8230
Published: 2018-5-22
Sometimes when we re simply excited about something we interrupt people in a conversation I know sometimes I do this happened recently and I tapped on it this morning EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques as I felt that I should know better It happens and we must keep our awareness-antennas up about that Does being in the hurry 8230
Work-Life Integration For Optimal Productivity And Well Being
Published: 2018-5-21
Integrating work and life works efficiently with fast-paced technology especially for millennials who are adapting well to this reality The phrase work-life integration is blending what you do professionally and personally in order to make both happen The trending shift away from work-life flexibility and balance has happened as fast as the development and speed 8230
Trust Yourself
Published: 2018-5-14
Believing in yourself is the most powerful affirmation you can give to yourself Having trust in ourselves helps motivate us to take risks and go the extra mile It is easier to take initiative and action when we feel capable and self-assured Self-trust in our actions tends to result in success Consider having giving yourself 8230
Tracking Time
Published: 2018-5-13
Sometimes when we are absorbed by mental pursuits-especially reading a good book or studying a subject we are passionate about-it s important not to lose track of time You may even want to time yourself so that you can stop and tend to the other responsibilities you need to fulfill If you establish time constraints you 8230
Self Confidence For Great Relationships
Published: 2018-4-29
Confidence helps us to interact more decisively in healthier ways in our relationships and helps keep us from overreacting Take time to affirm your value and worth as a person to help you feel stronger and better about yourself Since others only treat you the way you allow them to developing a stronger sense of self-esteem 8230
How To Be Resilient Happy
Published: 2018-4-24
Always acknowledge your emotions- even if they 8217 re not positive so that they 8217 re not suppressed-repressed leading to negativity When they are acknowledged only then can you transform anxiety and stress to well being and success being resilient Here are three strategies for being happy in today 8217 s crazy world Connect With People Just being around others isn 8217 t enough 8230
Recognize Your Inner Worth
Published: 2018-3-25
160 It is best to address negative thoughts as they arise rather than suppressing-repressing or pushing them down only to resurface later often when we least expect it 8211 sometimes in angry inappropriateness On the other hand if we allow ourselves to be fully human honoring all the thoughts feelings and moods that pass through us 8230
Celebrate Possibilities And Let Go Of Bitterness
Published: 2018-3-21
It is natural to feel resentment or anger when life does not unfold as expected Perhaps expectations are not met or relationships fail and we grieve for the loss Most of the time we work through these feelings and they pass Anger and resentment must fade or will be transformed into bitterness Bitter feelings allow us 8230
Less Stress Optimal Happiness Productivity Using EFT And Mindfulness With Eileen Lichtenstein Peak Performance Success Life And Career Coach
Published: 2018-3-09
Empowering Women in Business Connect Collaborate Contribute Gone are the days of going it alone Come create referral and collaboration partnerships Together let s create a better world Business and Personal Development presentations with a facilitated interactive ThinkTank segment for inspiration motivation and support Come connect at a deeper level make friends find opportunities share your 8230