Balance And Power with Eileen Lichtenstein

Confidence Meditation Tapping Facebook Live With Stephanie Thoma And Eileen Lichtenstein
Published: 2020-8-04
Have you ever been curious about tapping or meditation Don 8217 t know what either one is Learn by doing Break up your day by taking a power hour of self-care with a special collaboration with Emotional Freedom Technique EFT tapping facilitator Eileen Lichtenstein and a meditation session with facilitator Stephanie Thoma You 8217 ll walk away from this 8230 More Confidence Meditation Tapping Facebook Live With Stephanie Thoma and Eileen 160 Lichtenstein
Do You Get Enough Sleep To Be In A Good Mood
Published: 2020-7-31
I 8217 m a certified Anger Management Specialist and receive current info and research in the arena Recent studies and research has shown that 8220 lack of sleep intensifies anger impairs adaptation to frustrating circumstances 8221 and that 8220 sleep-restricted individuals showed a trend toward increased anger and distress essentially reversing their ability to adapt to frustrating conditions over time 8221 8230 More Do you get enough sleep to be in a good 160 mood
How Is Your Relationship
Published: 2020-7-31
Some signs of a healthy relationship include Feeling good around that person Feeling safe saying how you feel You listen to each other You feel valued You feel trust You do not insult each other even when you disagree I 8217 m not going into unsafe signs here If you 8217 re not sure 8230 you may call me for a 8230 More How is your 160 relationship
Affirmations Help
Published: 2020-7-12
Affirmations can give you the strength and patience to overcome obstacles 8211 perceived and or real Repeating a phrase like 8220 This is only temporary 8221 or 8220 Everything has its purpose 8221 might help you realize that whatever you experience no matter how uncomfortable has meaning maybe yet unknown and can be opportunities for growth Affirmations are wonderful tools to 8230 More Affirmations Help
Moving Forward Detours
Published: 2020-7-11
When there is a 8220 detour 8221 the goodness of it may be revealed at a much later time 8230 patience and hope faith needed We are all in uncertain times and may or may not have the motivation to move forward or the patience needed to cope with the waiting and detours Here are a few helpful strategies that 8230 More Moving Forward 38 160 Detours
Stop Self-Sabotage
Published: 2020-6-30
Procrastination is often a secondary symptom of an overfull schedule When we procrastinate it is often self-sabotage towards success Working through your day 8217 s objectives you can easily accomplish most of the tasks waiting for your attention today As you make progress you can build up momentum that makes moving on to the next duty much 8230 More Stop Self-Sabotage
Realistic Expectations
Published: 2020-6-28
Sometimes we set goals expectations for ourselves unrealistically high which may lead to frustration anxiety and perhaps self-anger for not living up to expectations instead of positive feelings of achievement and success When setting goals try staying realistic especially about time frames and managing time energy such as taking exercise and relaxation breaks Perhaps you 8217 re procrastinating -which 8230 More Realistic Expectations
Motivational Quotes For Action
Published: 2020-6-26
8220 Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living by our fears 8211 Les Brown 8220 Your life does not get better by chance it gets better by change 8221 8211 Jim Rohn I teach coach and guide to Reduce Stress Release Frustration and Fear Gain Calm and Confidence and be Resilient Consult 8230 More Motivational Quotes for 160 Action
Visualizations Meditation Mindfulness
Published: 2020-6-19
NEW Visualization Meditation Mindfulness With Eileen Lichtenstein and Debra Dixon-Anderson Join us for this complementary workshop to learn how to practice visualization meditation and mindfulness in our everyday lives for optimal productivity and well being It 8217 s the Gold Wellness Mantra When Thursday June 25th 5 00pm EST 8211 6 00pm EST Cost Free https goldwellnesscircle com Or email directly 8230 More Visualizations Meditation Mindfulness
Patience Perseverance Persistence
Published: 2020-6-14
When we practice patience and stay determined as we work toward our goals we work towards bypassing overwhelm one definition of stress or being discouraged Our progress may be slower than we prefer but consistency in our efforts is what will make the greatest difference to our eventual success Maintaining a patient determined mind-set will 8230 More Patience Perseverance 38 160 Persistence