Balance And Power with Eileen Lichtenstein

Published: 2018-8-18
Eileen Lichtenstein Interview with All Business Media FM in Studio 2 Professionals Roundtable 124 August 13 2018 Empowering Organizations Individuals 38 Families to SOAR to New Heights of Happiness and Productivity Helping you and your organizations be Positive Productive and Powerful with effective DeStress Anger Management and Communication tools Listen Here Advertisements
Forgivess Is Important
Published: 2018-8-12
One of the reasons that forgiveness can be so challenging is that we feel we are condoning the actions of the person who caused our suffering but this is a misunderstanding of what is required In order to forgive we simply need to get to a place where we are ready to stop identifying ourselves 8230
Act As If
Published: 2018-8-11
When you 8220 act as if 8221 you send powerful commands to your subconscious mind to find creative ways to achieve your goals it instantly programs the reticular activating system RAS in your brain to start noticing anything that 8217 ll help you succeed 8230 And it sends strong messages to the universe that this end goal is something you really 8230
I m Quoted Newsday Biz Section Re Meetings
Published: 2018-8-08
Eileen in Long Island Newsday 124 August 5 2018 8220 CEOs spend 72 of their time in meetings only 3 with customers study 8221 From newsday com by JAMIE HERZLICH 8220 A recent study found that CEOs at large companies spend about 72 percent of their time in meetings Poorly planned overly long meetings with 8230
Communicating Effectively Productively
Published: 2018-8-05
Effectively communicating our thoughts to others makes our interactions more meaningful and productive The passion and conviction we feel about our ideas can often cause us to blurt them out before we have fully worked through them in our minds and this can result in misunderstandings and conflict Instead you may choose to formulate your 8230
Transforming The Fear Of Not Knowing
Published: 2018-6-15
I was researching the fear of not knowing in relation to medical diagnosis aging-death concerns for family members and current safety issues with terrorism Several clients are currently experiencing these challenges 8230 I learned that this is an actual 8220 phobia 8221 8220 Agnosiophobia 8221 that is quite prevalent in these times not only to the above-mentioned issues also in 8230
Anger Management Mindfulness Programs Are Very Popular In Japan As Coping Mechanisms
Published: 2018-5-31
This article is adapted from the Nikkei Asian Review and found in NAMA National Anger Management Association my certifying organization Newsletter JUNE 2018 You may contact me for a complimentary consult 516 623 4353 www balanceandpower com TOKYO 8212 Aware that they may become irritated too often amid the demanding duties of work household chores and child care a growing 8230
Eileen Lichtenstein Interview Friday June 1st Susan Bock Interviews Eileen Lichtenstein Work-Life Integration For Optimal Productivity And Well Being
Published: 2018-5-31
160 Susan Bock is a leader in the field of creating transformational results for women entrepreneurs who are working way too hard for disappointing results Her clients span the spectrum of solo-preneurs who are struggling to find their next client to the seasoned entrepreneur who wants to upscale their business Eileen Lichtenstein MS Ed is CEO of 8230
EFT Tapping To Fully Release Old Beliefs
Published: 2018-5-24
Next time you get angry or frustrated don 8217 t focus on your circumstances Ask yourself what belief about the circumstances you are clinging to And think about how that might be incorrect or not useful Everyone sees things from their own lens 8230 you may want to try to reframe and learn EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques tapping to release 8230
Published: 2018-5-22
Sometimes when we re simply excited about something we interrupt people in a conversation I know sometimes I do this happened recently and I tapped on it this morning EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques as I felt that I should know better It happens and we must keep our awareness-antennas up about that Does being in the hurry 8230