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Why You Still Need To Sell
Published: 2020-8-10
Oh com n you didn t really think that social media has made it possible for you to not have to do any selling did you But wait-maybe you did It s kind of understandable really what with all the hype that s going on out there Linkedin this Facebook that Instagram and more Old fashioned selling seems to 8230
Sales and Networking Too In The Era Of Covid 19
Published: 2020-3-25
Making rain aka getting business Don t freak out It s going to rain again It always does 1 Stay visible If you disappear now you 8217 re screwed 2 Be helpful People remember kindness 3 Remain relevant Be a subject matter expert 4 Re-engineer if necessary 5 Stay close to clients and prospects 6 Make love to your 8230
The Care And Feeding Of Referral Sources
Published: 2018-2-07
Patience is a virtue Sure it s cliche but it s still very relevant when it comes to managing referral sources Too many of us especially when times are challenging tend to lose our cool and give up on relationships before they have reached fruition Networking and business development cycles can often be long and tedious The 8230
My Personal Networking Intentions For 2018
Published: 2018-1-31
I ve been an avid networker for the past 30 years and have built my successful sales consulting and training business through the contacts and connections I ve made through networking Although my networking strategies have proven to be effective I always find it beneficial to take a close look each year at what I am doing 8230
A Conversation With Laura Allen aka The Pitch Girl
Published: 2017-12-18
I recently had the privilege of interviewing Laura Allen I think you 8217 ll find our conversation fun and illuminating Listen to Laura
Tis The Season Missing The Company Holiday Party
Published: 2017-12-05
A great piece by A 8217 s Netter Stephanie Cockerl of Next Steph Enjoy It s that most wonderful time of the year Some folks are looking forward to their company s holiday party What about those of us who don t have a holiday party to go to It can sometimes seem lonely when others are celebrating while you are 8230
Networking Strategies For Professional Services Providers
Published: 2017-11-21
Networking plays an integral role in our business building landscape and this is true for providers of professional services as well as for printers web designers coaches and so on Here are tips on how to make your business networking more effective Not all groups are created equal We all know that the time set 8230
Staying Alive What Are Your Networking Touchpoints
Published: 2017-11-15
How To Get Better Results From Your Networking Efforts
Published: 2017-10-11
Do you attend networking events If so you probably remember events where you felt you were wasting your time when you went home promising yourself that 8220 you 8217 d never do that again 8221 until of course the next time when you found yourself at another event Sound familiar I thought so It behooves all of us for 8230
Networking A Two-Way Street
Published: 2017-9-18
Wow I stumbled across this article that I wrote in 2012 and I must say that it 8217 s still highly relevant What do you think 160 If you go to networking events you ll hear participant after participant say something like a good lead for me is Really I must admit to having some difficulties when 8230