It s Not Just You

March 31, 2018

I thought it was just me is a familiar phrase of many of my divorce coaching clients until I assure them that their thoughts and feelings regarding separation and divorce are completely normal The look […]

Recognize Your Inner Worth

March 25, 2018

160 It is best to address negative thoughts as they arise rather than suppressing-repressing or pushing them down only to resurface later often when we least expect it 8211 sometimes in angry inappropriateness On the […]

Affirmation And Denial

March 24, 2018

Recently I had a conversation with colleague who asked what is the major source of conflict between generations in a family business He then answered the question himself saying he thought it was the rising […]

I Can Do It Myself

March 2, 2018

If you re a parent or spend any time around kids you might hear a common refrain I can do it myself The phrase either evokes a feeling of glee I m glad I don […]